Monday, August 27, 2012

This week’s nautical news—one full of discoveries. Special thanks to Nicolas Bigourdan, David Meadows & Explorator team, Susan Langley, and Ole Varmer for sending in news items.

1. Two forgotten wrecks off the coast of Crete have hidden Australian war mysteries for 70 years—but now the secrets are out:

2. Sunken vessel bearing obsidian discovered off Capri, Italy:

3. Bronze Age pottery sherd from Isles of Scilly could be earliest British depiction of a boat:

4. Fighting ship’s identity revealed in Chatham Dockyard:

5. Archaeologists investigate sea find of gilded bronze lion: Underwater artifacts discovered near Riace Bronzes site:

6. Archaeologists complete survey of Charleston harbor civil war naval battlefield:

7. Divers find ruins from Viking ‘marketplace’:

8. Ephesus ancient city meets sea again:

9. U.S. FEMA awards grant for tall ship Elissa repairs:

10. £140,200 heritage grant seals Swash wreck project [congratulations to Dave Parham & co]:

11. Indiana archaeology month starts Sept. 1: Focus on underwater archaeology:

12. Capt. Cook museum proposed, Jamestown a possible location:

13. Drought exposes sunken ship:

14. Great Scott! Video of Captain’s wreck emerges:

15. Search for lost Franklin ships launched in Canada’s Arctic:

16. USS Constitution sails again:

17. Preserved body of diver who disappeared in 1999 found near legendary shipwreck:

18. Emperor Caligula gold coin found underwater near Cyprus:

19. Ballard’s team discover ancient shipwreck off Cyprus:

20. Antiques to be salvaged from sunken Chinese ship:

21. Harry Potter, Mel Fisher Museum come together [commercial salvage]:

22. Specialist says two emeralds were embedded in rock with glue [commercial salvage]:

23. Fishers drop claim on gems [commercial salvage]:

24. Track Odyssey Explorer [commercial salvage]:

25. Salvage & Recovery: Treasure and Artifacts [commercial salvage]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)

Department of Archaeology | Flinders University