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Advisory Council on
Underwater Archaeology

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Advisory Council on
Underwater Archaeology

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Advisory Council on
Underwater Archaeology

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Did you present a paper at the 2022 SHA Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology on a topic relating to underwater archaeology? Was your session canceled? Did you have to withdraw because of Covid-19? If you presented or not, we would like to remind you that your paper is eligible to be published in the 2022 ACUA Underwater Archaeology Proceedings. Submissions from students are especially encouraged! Registration is now open. You must register intent to submit by February 11, 2022, in order to be considered. Start the process here:

ACUA 2022 Photo & Video Contest Results

The Philadelphia 2022 Photo and Video Contest was a huge success! We thank all of the photographers and videographers for the great entries. See all of the contest entries on the Philadelphia 2022 photo archive page. the videos are viewable on the ACUA YouTube Channel . While you are there, check out our other great video submissions.

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Welcome to a New Year for ACUA!

The new year brings new opportunities and ideas. Check out Ashely’s blog to read about plans for virtual events, new awards, and new partnerships.

Access through Proceedings: A Brief history of the ACUA Underwater Archaeology Proceedings

The publication of the Underwater Archaeology Proceedings has been on a long and winding road, from the first effort in 1963 to the latest in 2021 in the midst of a global pandemic. Sheli Smith and Annalies Corbin provide a great recap.

Beneath the surface of our oceans, lakes, rivers, and wetlands lies a physical record of humankind preserved in prehistoric and historic shorelines, shipwrecks, inundated cities, harbors, and other traces of our past.

Core Principles

Ethics, respect, diversity and equity are the core principles around which we should all strive to lead our professional and personal lives. The ACUA strongly encourages all professional organizations to promote ethical principles, non-discrimination, anti-harassment, and anti-racist policies among their memberships.

Vision Statement

The ACUA serves as an international advisory body on issues relating to underwater archaeology, conservation, and submerged cultural resources management. It is working to educate scholars, governments, sport divers, and the general public about underwater archaeology and the preservation of underwater resources.

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