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Race Results from the 2nd Sort-of-Annual Noble Duck Race

The was held on Sunday, January 10, 2021, at 2 pm CST. It was a tough and hard run race with water guns and sharks causing havoc. The winners from three heats faced off for the grueling no-holds-barred final heat. The finalists were:

Round 1: #18 (Marty Klein-Quack), #24 (Marco Meniketi), #32 (Sarah Holland)
Round 2: #68 (Sheli Smith), #71 (Amanda Evans), #97 (Chelsea Freeland)
Round 3: #143 (Ann Pyburn-Clovis): #150 (Kimberly Faulk), #176 (Erin Stone)
Finalists: 1st place #176 Erin Stone, 2nd place #97 Chelsea Freeland, 3rd place #71 Amanda Evans

Special thanks to the organizers Della Scott-Ireton and Amy Mitchell-Cook and to Mike Thomin, Florida Public Archaeology Network, for editing the final video. Thanks to everyone for buying ducks and supporting the ACUA student travel awards.

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