If you love history and scuba diving, why not combine those interests and become involved as a volunteer in the exciting and fascinating field of maritime archaeology? There are many volunteer opportunities for recreational divers of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in learning the special skills of underwater research and shipwreck preservation.

Under the supervision of professional archaeologists, recreational divers are encouraged to pursue their avocational interest in maritime archaeology.

Volunteers bring valuable life skills to nearly every facet of the field including archival research, field survey, site mapping and documentation, boat handling, diving, conservation, project planning, logistics, and fundraising.

Training in the special skills used to record sites routinely includes both classroom and on land practice sessions.

Volunteers get training in the basics of ship construction. Photo courtesy Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN).

To learn more about the opportunities available to volunteers, please see our worldwide list of Organizations Providing Recreational Diver MH Training (rev Jan 2018) that provide activities for public participation in maritime archaeology including training and certification programs for divers and non-divers alike. There are a wide variety of programs. Search through the list and you will surely find a program that will help you get involved.

The Nautical Archaeology Society, an international training organization, has partners worldwide offering courses on a regular basis. To find an international training partner, visit their world training partner location map.

Diver training routinely includes pool work to practice the skills needed to document sites. Photo courtesy FPAN.