Monday, August 20, 2012

Special thanks to George Bass, Frits Breuseker, Nicolas Bigourdin, Valerie Grussing, Susan Langley (x10), Christian Murray, and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items.

1. A Roman shipwreck in the ancient port of Antibes [wow!]:

2. Ancient boat to be rebuilt [La Salle’s Belle and a gigantic freeze-dryer]:,71b6401c69829310VgnVCM3000009acceb0aRCRD.html

3. Waka return after 18-month voyage:

4. Warren whaling ship wreck found in Argentina?

5. Manning the ship [interview with Loren Steffy]:

6. The lost ship model: new discovery:

7. Exhibit features shipwreck found in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands:

8. Koperschat gevonden in aangespoeld wrak op Terschelling [Copper treasure washed up on the Dutch island of Terschelling]:

9. Drought brings 19th century Missouri River shipwreck to surface:

10. Resurgam: Sunken sub saved by diving club:

11. St. Augustine Lighthouse gets national coverage:

12. Images from the deep: Wreck of HMS Hood:

13. Shipwreck mystery solved [more on W.R. Grace]:

14. Megayacht’s mission to uncover WWII battle cruiser’s final moments:

15. Shark teeth weapons:

16. SC scientists trim years in conserving artifacts:

17. South Beaches: Join the crab trap roundup [Aug. 25]:

18. Fort William Henry Museum seeks new ways to present past:

19. Scott’s wrecked ship Terra Nova found off Greenland:

20. Great Lakes underwater presents historic weather, shipwrecks, scuba & paddlers program:

21. Meeting of the Working Group of the Operational Guidelines for the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage (24, 25 & 26 September):

22. Cultural relics found in South China Sea:

23. Titanic, Thresher linked through Ballard’s explorations:

24. Firm to explore shipwreck said to hold gold:

25. Odyssey provides operational update [commercial salvage]:


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