Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1. The life of Max Cramer [one of the discovers of the “Batavia” shipwreck passed away]:

2. UNESCO exhibition on global underwater cultural heritage to be held in Bangkok:

3. ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ exhibition opens on Kythera:

4. Cache of champagne in Baltic Sea is larger than believed:

5. Ancient Greek ship raised off Sicilian coast:

6. Ancient shipwrecks found off Central Italy’s Coast:

7. Ancient shipwreck sheds light on mariner’s diet [late Classical wreck off Mazotos, Cyprus]:

8. Ireland. Marine Notice Erne Sytem-Devenish Island-Underwater Archaeology:

9. Shipwreck could yield the USS “Scorpion” from the War of 1812:

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10. Researchers eager to study WTC ship :

11. Scientists wrap up Arctic HMS “Investigator” exploration:,%20NWT/

12. In pictures: Discovering the wreck of HMS “Investigator”:

13. Video of the HMS “Investigator”:

14. New treasure/salvage laws in New Brunswick:

15. Nassau County Museum of Art’s Water World.The new exhibit at NCMA, “The Sea Around Us,” reflects life on an Island:

16. Confederate sub has clues to last mission [“Hunley”]:

17. Shipwreck in York River may be from Siege at Yorktown:

18. Michigan, divers, France to determine if Great Lakes shipwreck is 17th century “Griffin”:

19. Dive team’s discovery gives war story its final chapter. Families of 78 men who died in sinking put loved ones to rest [USS “Flier”]:

20. US firm awarded $110m for salvaging “Titanic” artefacts:

21. “Titanic” salvage hits storm of protest:

22. Retracing the “Titanic” for posterity. Scientists to create 3-D map of wreck site:

23. Father and son scoop up treasure. Gold coin could be worth $100-$50,000:

24. Treasure hunters’ vacations could pay off. Beachcombers can make amazing finds along Delmarva coast:

25. Prooflike 1857-S Double Eagle Gold Coins from the Shipwreck of the S.S. “Central America”:

26. U-boat wrecks identified [six Second World War U-boats found by Odyssey Marine Exploration]:


Posted by Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde