Monday, October 28, 2013

Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling this week’s news and to Peter Bell, Nicolas Bigourdan, David Cowen, Susan Langley, Jen McKinnon, Jane Mitchell, Mark Polzer, Bob Sheppard, Shirley Strachan, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1)  Romance, scandal and maritime archaeology in Victoria.

2)   Before the mast… before the boom

3) The Late Bronze Age shipwreck off the islet of Modi (Poros) [Greece]

4)   Shark charmers and the pearl trade

5)  The glory of the high seas [Thailand]

6)  New project aims to reveal archeology around Black Sea

7)   Underwater surveys at Scapa Flow could lead to Historic Marine Protected Area [Scotland]

8)  Iconic admiralty boat The Sanu dismantled in the Gannel, Newquay [UK]

9)  Decades-old shipwreck mystery solved [Canada]

10)  Port Hope shipwreck designated a historic site [Canada]

11)  Explorers find shipwreck of Canadian steamer that sank in Lake Ontario in 1916 [Canada]

12)  American researchers visit Purton Hulks [USA]

13)  U.S. Navy’s first super carrier sold for a penny

14)  Shipwreck found sunken in Florida’s sand,0,

15)  Diving into the past [Thailand]

16)  Blackbeard’s cannons among pirate booty raised by US archaeologists on treasure hunt

17)    3D technology enhances seabed exploration

18)    Incredible collection of photographs charting more than a century of Cornish shipwrecks taken by members of the same family could fetch £150,000 at auction [commercial salvage]

19)  Shipwrecked booze to go on auction [commercial salvage]

20)   Odyssey’s Gairsoppa silver monetization strategy results in $5.3 Million in incremental value [commercial salvage]

21)  In too deep: warship wreck ‘bounty hunter’ under scrutiny from Britain’s marine watchdog [commercial salvage]


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