Monday, October 18, 2010

Special thanks to Susan Langley, Alexandre Monteiro, and Ruud Paesi for sending in news items.

1. Indonesia says China interested in shipwreck treasure [commercial salvage]:

2. Sole survivor is over 100 years old [Sri Lankan crane]:

3. The “Edmund Fitzgerald” still a mystery after 35 Years

4. Monmouth trysting place of Admiral Nelson and his mistress unearthed by archaeologists:

5. HMS “Victory” cannon ‘rare example’, says expert:

6. Spain’s treasure -not up for grabs [more on shipwrecks off Spain]:

7. Marine Exploration announces recent return to treasure-laden “Solo Dios Gloria” shipwreck [commercial salvage]:

8. Stuff you should know about Columbus:

9. Citizen science: Trawl World War I navy records for weather data:

10. For those interested in navigational charts. Symposium: Chart  makers from Zeeland, Vlissingen, 20 November 2010  [in Dutch] :

11. Bejeweled stonehenge boy came from Mediterranean?

12. Turkish dam plan threatens ‘remarkable’ Roman ruins:

13. Creation of national marine antiquities museum planned :

14. More on the shipwreck in Cyprus:

15. Book review: Classics scholar John R. Hale tackles ancient history in ‘Lords of the Sea’:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde