Monday, November 22, 2010

Special thanks to Matt Carter, Paul F. Johnston, Michael McCarthy, Susan Langley, and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items.

1. Waardevolle schatten keren terug naar Australie [in Dutch]:

2. Netherlands gives important maritime collection to Australia:

3. Search for Dutch shipwreck in Western Australia:

4. Lurking beyond our fatal shores [sharks and treasure hunter]:

5. Part artwork, part boat… literally!

6. The secrets of the dead: lost ships of Rome:

7. Garum:

8. First Americans ‘reached Europe five centuries before Columbus discoveries’ :

9. Navires et marins d’hier à aujourd’hui [starring James Delgado]:’hier-a-aujourd’hui/

10. Sutton Hoo dig holiday ‘snaps’ on display in Suffolk:

11. World’s oldest champagne tastes sweet after 200-year shipwreck:

12. Old shipwrecked beer to be replicated and bottled:

13. St. Augustine team finds gun amid shipwreck:

14. Five area shipwrecks may get protected status [Wisconsin, US]:

15. Storms uncovers portion of shipwreck on Cape Cod:

16. Hi-tech robots search ocean floor for ancient shipwrecks:

17. The Lakeland slated for National Register:

18. “Titanic” – The diving simulator:

19. Cruise ships on Egypt’s Lake Nasser visit the ancient temples of the drowned lands of Nubia:,0,2205695.story

20. Wreck of French privateer found 60 miles off Devon [Odyssey Marine]:

21. Premier Exhibitions, Inc. CEO recognized by Navy League Council for producing the first ever complete view of the RMS “Titanic” wreck site:

22. Coral-encrusted flintlocks a unique underwater treasure [Dominican Republic]:

23. Southport investors claim they were mislead over claims of gold on an Anglesey shipwreck:


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