Monday, March 14, 2011

Special thanks to Ross Anderson, Peter Bell, and Susan Langley for sending in news items.

1. Guestroom – Dr Silvano Jung, maritime archaeologist:

2. Bombing of Darwin’s forgotten casualty a tourism hot spot:

3. Sea gives up secrets of the deep [Western Australia]:

4. Footage from a dive on a 58-metre wreck in the Rottnest Graveyard west of Rottnest:

5. Historic shipwrecks around Australia:

6. Shipwreck ASIA: Thematic Studies in East Asian Maritime Archaeology [edited by Jun Kimura, 2010]:

7. California artifacts reveal 12,000 year old sea culture:

8. Ship container ‘stepping stone’ risk for alien invaders [artificial reefs]:

9. Smithsonian shipwreck exhibit draws fire from archaeologists:

10. Shipwreck exhibit stirs up storm at Smithsonian:

11. Ancient Arab shipwreck yields secrets of ninth-century trade [more on Smithsonian & commercial salvage]:

12. Turkish PM blames archaeological ‘stuff’ for Marmaray tunnel delay:

13. Libya’s ‘extraordinary’ archaeology under threat:

14. 700-year-old dug-out canoes fished out from Huong River (Viet Nam):

15. Scuba diver finds shipwreck near Chandrabhaga :

16. Archaeologists from INAH conduct research at Hoyo Negro flooded cave in Quintana Roo:

17. Henry Morgan’s cannons found in Panama, archaeologists say:,0,7862074.story

18. Yukon shipwreck yields Gold Rush tunes:

19. Texas A&M Japanese community reacting to earthquake disaster (Kotaro Yamafune, Nautical Archaeology Program):

20. Wreck of Gold Rush steamship “Winfield Scott” unveiled at Maritime Museum: Fabled ship on display at Santa Barbara Maritime Museum:

21. “Titanic” uncovered [interview with David Gallo, Woods-Hole Institution]:

22. Students help preserve history of Modern Greece warship [East Carolina University]:

23. Snowbird’s find could be part of historic shipwreck:

24. Lake Erie shipwreck needs rescuing: Ontario town:

25. 3º Curso de iniciação e desenvolvimento em modelismo naval:

26. Sotheby’s London to offer the greatest collection of 20th-century British art ever to come to the market [Honor Frost’s bequest]:

27. Prince Harry marks next milestone in “Mary Rose” history:

28. “Mary Rose” launches with new branding by StudioLR:

29. The Solent comes to the big screen:

30. Looking for “Warwick” in Southampton Harbour:

31. 17th century merman carving to go on display at the DIG centre in York:

32. East Grinstead man cautioned for illegal recovery of shipwreck artefacts:

33. No longer seaworthy, wrecked boats are recycled into furniture:

34. Claims aviation pioneer Earhart’s plane found in PNG:

35. The lost City of Atlantis discovered near Spain [more Atlantis silliness]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde
Department of Maritime Archaeology | Shipwreck Galleries | Western Australian Museum