Monday, June 6, 2011

Three week’s worth of nautical news. Now, hopefully back on schedule. Special thanks to Ross Anderson, Jessica Berry, Denise Kuijlaars, Susan Langley,  Ole Varmer, and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items.

1. 60 Minutes: “In Too Deep.” A tribute to Flinders University maritime archaeology student and cave diver Agnew Milowka:

2. Claude Duthuit, who played a pioneering role in underwater archaeology and was a great benefactor to the field, passes away on 16 May 2011:! ituary.aspx?n=Claude-Duthuit&lc=1077&pid=151110954&mid=467 4971

3. Historic Shipwreck Profiles. New shipwreck flyer on USS “Peary” in Northern Territory:

4. New “Xantho” website:

5. Killer subs in Pearl Harbour (SBS documentary):

6. Rob Simpson is certain he knows where the fabled Mahogany ship is buried:

7. Looted plaque from sunken WWII destroyer off Okinawa returned:

8. Sri Lanka – History of Diving:—history-of-diving

9. Godawaya: an ancient port city (2nd Century CE.) and the recent discovery of the unknown wooden wreck: odawaya-an-ancient-port-city-2nd-century-ce-and-the-recent-discovery-of-the-unknown-wooden-wreck/

10. Wreck diving in maritime archaeological sites in Basses Reef in Sri Lanka:

11. China to build underwater cultural heritage protection bases in Xiamen:

12. China: Salvage team dives into history:

13. Exhibition in New York: Along the Yangzi River: Regional Culture of the Bronze Age from Hunan:

14. Risking one’s neck for better grog: Mutinies reveal tipping points for collective unrest:

15. “Titanic” turns 100:! .aspx

16. Video interview on “Titanic” and what it means to Belfast:–122876489.html

17. “Titanic”: How can a disastrous ship be celebrated?

18. Large-scale “Titanic” plan up for bids in UK:

19. NOAA and partners explore the hidden world of the maritime Maya:
http://www.noaanews.noaa.go! v/stories2011/20110518_maritimemaya.html

20. Another Blackbeard anchor retrieved from wreck: t_new=47769

21. Armed merchant’s ship explored in new BBC series [Swash Channel wreck]:

22. Shipwrecked timbers brought to surface after 400 years:

23. The arrival of the Swash Channel Wreck:

24. Captain Kidd’s gibbet hangs again on Thames shore:

25. In pictures: Pirates and the story of Captain Kidd:

26. Capt. Kidd shipwreck site to be dedicated ‘Living Museum of the Sea’:

27. Review: “The Great Sea: A human history of the Mediterranean” by David Abulafia:

28. Roman ship had on-board fish tank:

29. More on Roman ship found at Ostia [more on]:

30. Iraqi archaeologists to salvage threatened mounds in southern marshes:

31. Egypt to open Suez National Museum of Antiquities:

32. Istanbul exhibition: The Cylades and Western Anatolia During The 3rd Millennium BC: xhibitionID=110&bytLanguageID=2

33. A company and its people are obliterating the archaeological history of the ancient Port of Beirut:

34. Early Bronze Age battle site found on German river bank:

35. Archaeologists find new Viking site in Temple Bar [indirectly related to seafaring]:

36. Greenland cold snap linked to Viking disappearance:! nland;_ylt=AmBYuHy1OfpEL6_.TkcjyvEhANEA;_ylu=X3oDMTJxdHFpdXViBGFzc2V0A 25tLzIwMTEwNTMwL3VzX2NsaW1hdGVfZ3JlZW5sYW5kBHBvcwM0BHNlYwN5bl9wYWdpbmF0ZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2dyZWVubGFuZGNvbA–

37. Decorated boulder in United States reveals links to Early Bronze Age Ireland:

38. 490 year old Spanish documents describe an Irish province in South Carolina:

39. Viking longboat project, Waterford:

40. Norwegian group seeks Amundsen’s ship from Canada: /25/norway-maud-amundsen-nunavut.html?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4ddd5a137ca69114%2C0

41. Newly exposed artifacts to be recovered from the “Marie Celeste”:

42. Conquistador silver may not have sunk Spain’s currency [ships yes]:

43. Lake Champlain Maritime Museum announces leadership transition:

44. Archeologists preserve ancient canoe: Pulled from Arbuckle Creek in December 2000:

45. Workers building maritime park find old shipwreck:

46. Thieves steal naval artifact [giant brass ring from the USS “Maine”]:

47. USS “Maine” port hole recovered by Schnitzer Steel:

48. Shells show how children imitated parents:–fue050611.php

49. Drifting apart: Amazing underwater photos that show the growing gap between two tectonic plates [off topic]:

50. Human arrival ‘wiped out’ Hawaii’s unique crabs:

51. Explorers tussle with Spain over treasure in court[” Mercedes” commercial salvage]:

52. ORRV discovers two shipwrecks in the Philippines [commercial salvage]:

53. ORRVDMS joint venture announces discovery of cluster of shipwrecks with cargo valued in excess of 2 billion dollars [commercial salvage]:

54. Centuries-old gold and emerald ring discovered by divers Off Florida coast; ‘When You See It, You Just Know It’:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University