Monday, June 4, 2012

Special thanks to Ross Anderson, Brian Jordan, Susan Katzev, Susan Langley, Cassandra Morris, Mark Polzer, Jason Raupp, Athena Trakadas, and David VanZandt for sending in news items.

1. City of Adelaide‘s journey delayed:

2. HMS Victory scandal:

3. Warren whaling ship wreck found in Argentina?

4. Remembering the Battle of Midway:

5. Viking Ship Museum’s large survey of the Femern Belt wrecks [in Danish, but check out videos and photos]:

6. [More on that Gulf of Mexico shipwreck] Pictures: Mystery shipwreck found with muskets, beer bottles:

7. Mo‘ynaq–Graveyard of ships in the desert:

8. Mile-Deep ancient Roman shipwrecks discovered Off Greece:–prove-ancient-seafarers-adventurous-thought.html

9. Anti-freckle cream could hold key to Amelia Earhart mystery:

10. Buoy on Lake Erie marks 148-year-old shipwreck near Cleveland:

11. Jamaica’s Port Royal seeks World Heritage status:

12. Major archaeological survey uncovers secrets of Plymouth Sound:

13. First underwater museums to be built in Mombasa:

14. Reviving ancient heritage [Alexandria]:

15. Seabed discovery from the oldest wreck on record [oldest around the Scillies]:

16. Amateur divers find 17th century shipwreck in Sweden:

17. Local attorney loses Spanish shipwreck treasure case:

18. Operation treasure [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

19. Divers plan to extract 16th century Chinese porcelain from ocean [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

20. SS Gairsoppa and SS Mantola silver cargo recovery expedition underway [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
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