Monday, January 23, 2012

Special thanks to Terry Drew, Denise Kuijlaars, Susan Langley, Cassandra Morris, Ralph Pedersen, Mark Polzer, Shirley Strachan, and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items. There will be no news update for two weeks due to field work.

1. Missing ship remains found off east coast [“Royal Charlotte”]:

2. Anthropology researcher searches for slave-era shipwreck:

3. Geophysical Survey to begin in the ‘Heart of Sharjah’:

4. China offers S.Lanka help to find Silk Route wrecks:

5. The Maritime Archaeology Unit (MAU) at Central Cultural Fund in Sri Lanka launces new website:

6. Replica of Byzantine ship to sail next year in Turkey:

7. Building Pharaoh’s ship:

8. Should shipwrecks be left alone?

9. Recovery of WWII plane piloted by Fremont native put on hold [Canada]:

10. State Police DNA techniques unlock Mediterranean secrets [Brendan Foley & DNA techniques on amphorae]:

11. Cruise disaster: Giglio is a piece of Eden in treacherous Tuscan waters [This was Bound to happen: connection the Giglio shipwreck with the cruise ship disaster]:

12. Prehistoric bear skulls found underwater in Mexico:

13. Annapolis maritime lecture series kicks off:

14. Central New York key in the War of 1812 fight; communities ready to mark 200th anniversary:

15. War of 1812 symposium:

16. Coastal Studies campus to open in August [North Carolina]:

17. Submerged valuables: State should go slow on decisions about its underwater artifacts:

18. Legislative fight over historic artifacts looms [US]:

19. HMS “Victory” ‘set to be recovered’ from seabed [commercial salvage]:

20. Reclaiming “Victory” may net $750m:


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