Monday, January 2, 2012

Please, find below the first nautical news for 2012. Thanks to Toni Carrell and Susan Langley for the gentle reminder!

1. Shipwreck graveyard found beneath Western Australian car park:
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2. Maritime crew to search for Royal mess [“Royal Charlotte”]:

3. Sackler Gallery cancels controversial exhibit of Tang dynasty treasures from shipwreck:

4. Seabed with 13th-century Mongol shipwreck may become historic site:

5. Mazotos shipwreck: Hull of ancient ship revealed:

6. In Ostia Antica, Italy, clues to past glories:

7. 2,100-year-old Roman shipwreck with hundreds of wine jars found off Albania’s coast:–2-100-year-old-roman-shipwreck-with-hundreds-of-wine-jars-found-off-albania-s-coast

8. Five medieval shipwrecks from Stockholm:

9. Kaiser Wilhelm II’s urinal discovered in Baltic Sea shipwreck:

10. Secrets of life on Newport’s medieval ship revealed:

11. Ship sunk four centuries ago virtually reconstructed in 3-D at Texas A&M:

12. Rare DNA variant may disprove paleolithic migration to America across the Atlantic:

13. Researchers claim enough evidence to look for shipwreck near NE Wisconsin [“Griffin”]:–Excavation-of-shipwreck-warranted

14. La Universidad de Tejas investigará pecios del XVI en aguas de Fisterra:

15. University of Michigan divers retrieve prehistoric wood from Lake Huron:

16. BOEM and BSEE update guidance for offshore archaeological protection:

17. “Walter B. Allen” shipwreck near Sheboygan deemed historic site:,0,3257530.story

18. Civil War-era wreck off Egmont Key to become preserve [USS “Narcissus”]:

19. Feds update historic shipwreck protections [Gulf of Mexico]:

20. Mystery of downed WW II-era plane partially solved [Florida]:

21. Ten Grants that illuminated the World [1977: Ballard, Bass]:

22. Susan Langley: Archaeologist digs diving:

23. A good and just law for shipwreck heritage [Bermuda’s Historic Wrecks Act 2001]:

24. Benchley: Romance Of Bermuda’s wrecks:

25. Norway and Canada in Row Over 80-Year-Old Shipwreck:

26. Ontario lays off its marine archeologist:–ontario-lays-off-its-marine-archeologist

27. Skeletons point to Columbus voyage for syphilis origins [once again]:

28. Pirates of the Marine Silk Road:

29. Sri Lanka Maritime Archaeology Unit recovers wrecked ancient ship:

30. Matchless expectations on a yacht called “Sea Cloud”:

31. ‘Mission Impossible’–underwater! [New book: “Crescent Dawn” by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler, published by Penguin (2011)]:—-underwater.html

32. “Titanic” artifacts headed to auction:,0,3388076.story

33. Lobbyists battle over sunken treasure:

34. Treasure hunters battle for $500 million bounty:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University