Monday, January 10, 2011

Special thanks to Ole Varmer for sending in news items.

1. East Polynesia colonized faster and more recently than previously thought:

2. Anchor provides deep and meaningful migration insight [“Nashwauk”, South Australia]:

3. Bells sound tales lost to the depths:

4. Divers find wreck of Commodore Perry warship off Rhode Island [1811, USS “Revenge”]: [with video]

5. Assessing shipwrecks: The value of preservation:

6. Odyssey files a motion to strike the United States amicus brief filed in the “Black Swan” case:

7. El arqueólogo contra el naufragio de la historia [starring Filipe Castro]:

8. La arqueología española se ha balcanizado en regiones [more Filipe]:

9. Mexico ready to launch world?s largest underwater museum:

10. Maya pool depths defy divers [update from Belize]:

11. Ship shows up beneath sand at Ocean Beach, mysterious tar balls showing up in Marin:

12. Queen Anne’s exhibit slated to open Friday:–Museum-of-History–?instance=home_news_lead

13. Delaware’s “Kalmar Nyckel” to be featured in National Geographic documentary:

14. Archaeologists find Confederate navy ship remains:

15. The “Northerner” listed on National Register of Historic Places [Port Washington, Wisconsin]:

16. More beneath sands of Oregon Coast town than meets the eye:

17. Historian: Great Lakes take toll on ships:

18. Archaeology in Arctic Norway:

19. 7,000-year-old timbers found beneath MI6 Thames headquarters:

20. Traveling to the Falkland Islands: Sub-Antarctica:

21. Ancient Israeli fortress yields surprise: A Greek vase:

22. The Bulgaria 2010 review: Archaeology [see under Middle Ages and Recent History]:

23. Archaeologists discover Cretan tools that point to 130,000 to 700,000-year-old sea travel [2010? seems old old news]:


24. Clandestine excavation is a crime that is hard to prove:

25. Odyssey executes contract with clients of Robert Fraser & Partners [commercial salvage]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde
Department of Maritime Archaeology, Western Australian Museum