Monday, February 20, 2012

Special thanks to Susan Langley, Victor Mastone, and Chris Merritt for sending in news items.

1. Shipwreck expert looks back on a brilliant career [Interview with Graeme Henderson]:

2. Obituary David Cates Switzer:

3. Solent’s Stone Age village ‘had modern high street links’:

4. Hampshire archaeologists discover Stone Age boatyard:

5. Sunken British ships are focus of Newport archaeology project:

6. Perry’s “Revenge” may be located:

7. ‘All here under our noses’:–.html

8. In Lunenburg, a new Bluenose gets set for sea:

9. The man who thought like a ship: Forthcoming biography on the legendary J. Richard “Dick” Steffy:

10. Shipwrecks provide window to the past:

11. The Kyrenia Ship Project:

12. Obituary Gerhard Kapitän:

13. New book documents fruits of Yenikapı excavations:–excavations.html

14. Construction team finds shipwreck at V&A Waterfront [South Africa]:

15. Heritage & Tourism: Bermuda’s first century:

16. Family matters: Stories behind Atlantic rum runners:

17. Developer to demo data visualisation software:

18. Old shipwrecks found in Greek waters:

19. Deep-sea explorer Dr. Robert Ballard comes to Chattanooga:

20. British war graves [shipwrecks]:

21. Editor’s Notebook: There’s a giant graveyard to our west:

22. Odyssey Marine must hand over 1804 shipwreck treasure to Spain, judge says:

23. Odyssey Marine Exploration executes agreement With the maritime heritage foundation for Admiral Balchin’s HMS “Victory” shipwreck:


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