Monday, December 13, 2010

Special thanks to Brian Jordan, Susan Langley, Alexandre Monteiro, Mark Polzer,and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items.

1. AIMA 2011 shipwreck photography competition:

2. ACUA archaeological photo contest – There is still time to enter!

3. Czech replica of corsair ship launched in Suez:

4. Lost civilization may have existed beneath the Persian Gulf:

5. Rare native American birch bark canoe found in Cornwall:

6. 5000 year old footprints found on Formby beach :

7. Rescued USS “Monitor” steam engine returns to Civil War appearance:,0,2101784.story

8. US embassy cables: US embassy hands confidential Odyssey documents to Spanish:

9. WikiLeaks cables: Art looted by Nazis, Spanish gold and an embassy offer:…/08/wikileaks-us-spain-treasure-art

10. Cutting cost of hunting shipwrecks [“Hattie Wells”, Lake Michigan, USA]:

11. Maine State Museum commemorates the wreck of the Nottingham Galley:

12. Erie Canal shipwreck found in Oswego River believed to date to between 1830 and 1850:

13. Student-led exhibit on Jamaica at Brazos Valley Museum [Texas A&M University]:

14. Mexican archaeologists report finding Prehispanic objects at Nevado de Toluca:

15. Archaeologist: Persian Gulf sites hint at prehistoric people:

16. New species of rust-eating bacteria destroying the “Titanic”:

17. Members of ASA [American Salvage Association] remove fuel oil from submerged Alaska cruise ship:

18. New wave of preservation targets Chesapeake’s underwater history:

19. Archaeologists warn of climate threat to past treasures:

20. Behind the scenes: Lego Antikythera mechanism [the ultimate Christmas gift?]:

21. Massive Canadian melt may have triggered flood of biblical proportions:

22. Ancient harbours in North and East [Sri Lanka]:

23. Blackbeard shipwreck artifacts tell tales of seafaring and sword play:

24. Odyssey Marine Exploration part of new Gold Rush for ocean’s treasures [commercial salvage]:

25. U.S. firm demands rights to $17 Billion 1708 shipwreck off the Coast of Colombia [commercial salvage]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde