Monday, August 6, 2012

Special thanks to Ross Anderson, Patrick Baker, Amer Kahn, Maddy McAllister, Jennifer Rodrigues, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator for sending in news items.

1. Deep underwater, George Bass has seen pieces of the past:

2. DNA analysis of ancient remains to uncover origin mysteries [South-east Asia, Australia: indirect seafaring]:

3. Tobago Island to promote tourism through undersea shipwrecks of 17th-century [Kroum Batchvarov]:

4. Volunteers excavate shipwreck on MDI [starring Franklin Price]:

5. Underwater metal detectors assist in artifact recovery [Bermuda shipwreck survey]:

Note that the Louis Mare quoted in this article is not a member of this project, nor does his quote represent the opinion and experience of the project team. Furthermore, some partners listed are not core members of this project, such as the Slavery Museum in Angola, and it neglects other partners like the new Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture and the US National Association of Black Scuba Divers.

6. Record of maritime tragedy unveiled:

7. The 38th voyage: Spirit of an enterprise [Charles W. Morgan]:

8. The new Maryrose museum: Virtual tour & history lesson:

9. US, Iranian archeologists excavate underwater sites of Siraf:

10. Ancient Hellenistic harbour found in Israel [Akko/Acre]:

11. Underwater trove [China]:

12. Yoroku: China wields archeological research as weapon in territorial spats:

13. Odyssey Marine and Cameron peer out of control on HMS Victory:

14. ‘Viking’ shipwreck discovered off Swedish coast adds intrigue to slew of recent finds:

15. First World war submarine whose two captains won the Victoria Cross is discovered off Turkish coast 94 years after she went down:

16. U.S. recovers bodies of WW2 airmen from Quebec waters:–u-s-recovers-bodies-of-ww2-airmen-from-quebec-waters

17. Remains recovered from WWII seaplane in Quebec:

18. Conclusa in Campania prima fase restauro della barca romana di Ercolano [Italy]:

19. Ancient items discovered underwater near Makronissos and Evia [Greece]:

20. Long before ‘nighthawks,’ a boy loved the Hudson:

21. Grappling with a Titanic mystery:

22. 109-year-old shipwreck identified:

23. 1852 shipwreck excavated at Coos Bay:–Shipwreck-Excavation

24. Shipwreck found off hilton head island:

25. Kerry island structure may be due to tsunami waves in medieval times:

26. Shipwreck found, suspected to be Syracuse [schooner]:

27. Jamaica’s ‘wickedest city’ Port Royal banks on heritage:

28. Shrimp boat snags and discovers historic anchors off St. Augustine Beach coast:

29. Button is clue to sunken ship’s history:

30. History out of shifting sands: St. Augustine’s Lighthouse Archaeological program:

31. Hopes of finding Earheart’s plane fade:

32. In shipwrecks, women and children finished last:

33. In shipwrecks, men more likely to survive: study:

34. 500 year old rum? Archaeologists search for the real Captain Morgan:

35. Mark Wilde-Ramsing, QAR project director retiring:

36. Local diver works to uncover historic shipwrecks:

37. 300-year-old skull found off Swedish coast:

38. Silver treasure found at Swedish shipwreck:

39. WWII wreck photos: 48 tons of silver recovered 3 miles down [commercial salvage, not archaeology & National Geographic]:

40. Divers from New Jersey have discovered the German U-Boat 550 off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology