Monday, August 22, 2011

There used to be weeks when no more than a dozen news items were listed, but those seem to occur less and less. Or, maritime archaeology catches the media eye more often, or it really is silly season. Special thanks to Bob Conrich, Valerie Grussing, Bert Ho, Maddy McAllistar, Alexandre  Monteiro, Susan Langley, Peggy Leshikar-Denton, Ralph Pedersen, and Athena Trakadas for sending in news items.

1. Divers examine 19th century shipwreck [Vietnam]:

2. The “Arizona” revisited: Divers explore the legacy of Pearl Harbor:

3. Researchers in a race against time on historic island [New Brunswick, Canada]:–researchers-in-a-race-against-time-on-historic-island?bn=1

4. Salvage company nets “Titanic” artifacts after court ruling [commercial salvage]:

5. Shipwreck of 16th-century Swedish vessel found in Baltic:

6. Sunken ship treasure successfully rescued [Namibia]:

7. Return of the ghost ship: Documentary [not accessible in Australia]:

8. James P. Delgado:

9. Perfume and hairbrush part of “Mary Celestia” shipwreck’s ‘forgotten secrets:

10. Shipwreck washes up for river festival [made by 3,000 children–how cool]:

11. Obituary: Sir John Rawlins:

12. Victorian naval medicine:

13. Roman shipwreck found in Albania:

14. Team napoletano per una Missione Archeologica italiana in Giappone:

15. 2,000-year-old shipwreck creates deep sea mystery [Roman shipwreck in Sardinia]:

16. Ancient humans went to sea, team says:

17. Chamorros date back 4,000 years [Marianas]:

18. £600,000 appeal for wreck of German bomber gunned down during the Battle of Britain to be lifted from seabed:

19. A Maud-est Proposal [Norwegians survey sunken ship in Canada]:

20. US divers explore WWII ship wrecks:

21. Panamá defiende su patrimonio histórico de buscadores furtivos de pecios [Panama not so pleased with BBC coverage of Captain Morgan’s shipwreck]:

22. Wrecks mark the spot: Diving trail puts Panhandle’s sunken treasures on the map:

23. Rendering water unto Caesarea:

24. Off the Shelf | ‘The Wanderings of Odysseus’:

25. Poeler Kogge: Um 400 Jahre verschätzt:

26. Haute Event: The Seven Seas Gallery By Vanessa Noel Presents Photographs By Michael Gaillard [Nantucket]:

27. Artist debuts photography on artificial reef off Key West [underwater exhibit]:

28. Orphaned octopus finds a new home on shipwreck [off topic, yet irresistible]:

29. More on Putin setting a bad example in underwater cultural heritage management:

30. Politics and Archaeology, Russian Style [commentary on Putin’s dive]:

31. Special peek inside final days at National Geographic’s ‘Real Pirates’ exhibit [commercial salvage]:

32. Sunken treasure sparks legal tussle [commercial salvage]:

33. Boy on a Dolphin (1957) Trailer [something a little better than ending this week’s news with another item on commercial salvage]:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
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