Monday, August 13, 2012

Please, find below this week’s nautical news. Special thanks to George Bass, Kurt Bennett, Peter Harvey, Amer Kahn, Dave Meadow & co, Susan Langley, Jason Raupp, Ole Varmer, and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items.

1. Bringing the City of Adelaide clipper ship to Adelaide was on ABC last week:

2. Sails set for eternity [more on that Egyptian funeral boat]:

3. Namibia: Ancient maritime history preserved [Oranjemund shipwreck]:

4. You’re wrecking our wrecks! Experts warn of damage trawlers are doing to maritime history:

5. Is this Atlantis?: Photographer creates magnificent underwater world for exhibition that can only be viewed 145 feet under the sea:–Photographer-creates-magnificent-underwater-world-exhibition-viewed-145-feet-sea.html

6. Marine archaeologist hoping to recover wreck of the Endeavour from Newport Harbor:–Search-for-Endeavour

7. DNA unravels clues to shipwrecked Anglesey bone setter:

8. Sunken German WWII sub discovered off Nantucket:

9. Hunting undersea battlefields: Off the Outer Banks, marine archaeologists dive to videotape World War II wrecks:

10. Mission to recover sunken HMS Hood‘s bell:

11. Chester divers attempt to save Resurgam II submarine:

12. British adventurer’s plan to sail replica of Phoenician sailing boat across Atlantic:

13. Shipwreck mystery solved: Lewes wreck found to be W.R. Grace, ship destroyed in 1889 hurricane:

14. Submarine dive to mark 100th anniversary of sinking [Holland 5]:

15. Mint condition Roman shipwreck could hide delicious, 2,000-year-old leftovers:

16. Americans researching the seabed near Dubrovnik on Croatia’s southern Adriatic coast:’s_sea_bed

17. Undersea eruption creates pumice raft:

18. Delving under the surface [starring Gene Ritter]:

19. Underwater archaeologists dig deep for iconic privateer’s lost fleet:

20. British expedition to Pacific ‘treasure island’ where pirates buried their plunder [sounds wrong]:

21. Pirate ship discovery could spark treasure hunt [Port-au-Prince, Tonga, commercial salvage]:

22. Slave ship artifacts found at Lynyard, Cay, The Bahamas [commercial salvage]:

23. Old news Captain Morgan’s lost fleet:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
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Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
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