Core Principles

Ethics, Respect, Diveristy, Equality

Core Principles
The ACUA encourages all archaeologists to perform to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Establishing an ethical culture in all activities, in the work place, in the field, and in the classroom creates a climate of trust, respect and equality.

The ACUA seeks to strengthen ethical principles through the following actions that:

  • Promote ethical awareness
    • by providing guidance and advice on ethics related concerns in order to reflect the values, principles and standards of conduct of the organization.
    • by raising awareness through the dissemination of basic principles of professional ethics via information meetings, bulletins and web portals.
    • by raising awareness through conference presentations and panel discussions designed to empower colleagues, students, managers, and field school directors to take responsibility for their actions and for making informed and ethical decisions.
  • Promote anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies: