Thank you for your interest in publishing your Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) conference paper in the ACUA Underwater Archaeology Proceedings. We look forward to working with you. In order to make sure your paper will be published and to streamline the process, we are providing you four critical pieces of information:

Other than the content of your article, the information and forms are the most important elements leading to a successful submission. All are provided for your convenience to download. Please carefully read and follow these instructions.

Remember, this is your paper and represents your work.  Have a colleague review your finished manuscript prior to submission for general organization and flow, spelling, grammar, accuracy of citations, and adherence to the required style and format. Editors have a great sense of humor, but limited time! They cannot do this level of review for you.

Finally, adhere to the March 22 deadline for submission of your manuscript, and the May 10 deadline for authors to return corrected manuscripts and all supporting documents (copyright and image permission forms). Late or incomplete papers may not be accepted.

With your help, we can look forward to another excellent publication.

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