Monday, March 4, 2013

Special thanks to George Bass, George Fisher, Susan Langley, Dave Meadows’ Explorator team, Mark Staniforth, and Tim Smith for sending in news items.

1.Flinders University students dive into maritime history:

2. France ratifies the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage:

3. WWII MV Limerick found in ocean grave off NSW:

4. Digging for the Hydrabad, NZ, shipwreck:

5. Canada’s oldest shipwreck to be resurrected in replica of 16th-century Basque galleon:

6. A Palaeolithic fishhook made of ivory and the earliest fishhook tradition in Europe:

7. 300 year-old shipwreck traced back to Armenians of India:

8. Prehistoric boat built at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall will be launched next week:

9. World’s longest Viking shipwreck to be exhibited in Denmark:

10. Artifacts from 17th century French vessel at Corpus Christi museum headed for Austin [La Belle]:

11. Exciting Discovery! Two buried ships found near Candlestick Point, San Francisco:

12. USS Monitor remains to be buried next month at Arlington Cemetery:

13. Florida shipwrecks: Tour 11 ‘museums in the sea’

14. Underwater discovery offers glimpse of 1850s trains:

15. Bones of warship in Hyannis harbor?

16. What lies at the bottom of Lake Michigan:

17. ECU students discover shipwreck treasures in the tanks of 1860s blockade runner:

18. New Whydah find makes a splash:

19. World’s most beautiful shipwreck:

20. NBC2 Investigators: Oil threat from shipwrecks:

21. Links in history’s chain [Bermuda]:

22. Handmade history: Replica of Swedish warship Vasa on display at Gustavus library:

23. Prof. Donny Hamilton searches 50 years to solve mystery of a lost box [off topic, still interesting]:

24. New book: Bjørn Lovén, Mette Schaldemose, The Ancient Harbours of the Piraeus: the Zea Shipsheds and Slipways (2 vols.):

25. Vikings come ashore in a new light:

26. 19th-century perspectives on two great rivers:

27. Transatlantic crossing: Did Phoenicians beat Columbus by 2000 years?

28. Shipwrecked secrets separate fakes from prized porcelain pieces:

29. The search for early Chinese traders:

30. Surat must preserve its 300-yr-old maritime heritage:

31. Oman-Dutch film on search for 250 year old shipwreck to premiere in April:


32. Odyssey Marine: Full of surprises [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

33. Hollandia shipwrecked ‘pirate coin’ stolen:

34. Shiver me timbers, pieces of eight from West Cornwall shipwreck sold at auction [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

35. 13th Century Vietnamese maritime artefacts up for sale:

36. Treasure hunters, Seafarer Corp., get dig & identify OK [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

37. Academic treasure hunters gain third site [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University