Monday, March 11, 2013

Special thanks to Nicolas Bigourdan, George Fisher, Susan Langley, Dave Meadows’ Explorator team, and Peter & Jill Worsley for sending in news items.

1. Historic wreck under threat [Byron Bay]:

2. Shipwreck lifeboat washes up in Australia:

3. IUPUI led expedition seeks source of thousand-year-old coins in Aboriginal Australia:

4. ‘Viking sunstone’ found in shipwreck:

5. Full-size Bronze Age boat replica launched to answer questions about prehistoric seafaring:

6. Researchers uncover earliest tobacco use in the Pacific Northwest:

7. Barnacles point to whale meat consumption in Prehistory:

8. F6F Hellcat WWII-Era aircraft discovered off coast of Florida:

9. 13 arrested for state artifact theft:

10. Shell midden uncovered in St Thomas [US Virgin Island]:

11. Ancient Egypt “pyramid” boat threatened after sewage burst:

12. Union sailors caught in famous NC shipwreck laid to rest 150 years later:

JPAC Continues Identification Process for Two USS Monitor Sailors Slated for Burial at Arlington National Cemetery:

13. Ghostly underwater art gallery breathes new life to sunken ship:

14. HMS Bounty probe: Rotting wood discovered in ship’s frame before departure:

15. Where did Ponce de Leon land? Historian’s claim that explorer landed in Melbourne Beach draws controversy [Florida]:

16. Will the study of archaeology soon become a thing of the past? [not nautical but application]:

17. Diving with an elephant [not nautical new, but cute]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
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