Monday, April 8, 2013

Special thanks to George Bass, Amer Kahn, Susan Langley, Dave Meadows’ Explorator team, and Peter Worsley for sending in news items.

1. AIMA 2013 Conference: Towards ratification: Australia’s Underwater Cultural Heritage (4-6 October 2013):

2. Doing what she loved, Rachel Horlings, Syracuse anthropologist, dies in Ghana:

3. Silver Taps: Ashley Rose Gould:

4. Artefacts offer Pacific shark species absence clues:

5. Portsmouth’s new ‘Mary Rose’ museum to open in May:

6. What drove Captain Ahab wild: ‘Whales,’ at the American Museum of Natural History:

7. Bronze warship ram reveals secrets:

8. Ancient Amazons as Sailors?

9. Archaeologists hope to identify mysterious shipwreck [more on the Drumbeg shipwreck]:

10. Huge find throws new light on ancient Iraq [related to maritime trade]:

11. Sunken ancient Egyptian port-city reveals some of its secrets:

12. How the HMS ‘Bounty’ fought sandy, and lost:

13. Owners of bar built from 16th century shipwreck told to paint over original wood:

14. Op-Ed: 101 years after ‘Titanic’ sinking: a comparison to ‘Costa Concordia’:

15. Documentary aims to decode the Antikythera mechanism:

16. Hunt is on for War of 1812 ship in Charleston Harbor:

17. Shipwreck exposed on Saginaw River [Bay City, Michigan]:

18. Strange fruit: A look at the transatlantic slave trade through “Spirits of the Passage” exhibit:

19. June expedition may determine if shipwreck is long-lost ‘Griffon’:

20. Maritime archaeology in Hong Kong:

21. Ran Ortner: Maritime art:

22. Rosanne Cash saves museum ship ‘Lettie G. Howard’:

23. Oswego War of 1812 Symposium adds underwater archaeologist to roster:

24. Shipwreck Weekend at Texas A&M University:

25. 400-year-old treasure found at shipwreck site in Gulf of Mexico [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

26. Spain’s collapse of colonial power seen through prism of sunk galleon [commercial salvage]:

27. Downtrend Movement Permanent? Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc (NASDAQ:OMEX) [commercial salvage]:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC) Department of Archaeology | Flinders University