Monday, April 15, 2013

Special thanks to George Bass, Susan Langley, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1. Shipwreck holds secrets of early colonial trade [ANMM]:

2. Archaeologist: Prospects bright for heritage tourism in NMI:

3. Clamshells reveal secrets of Pre-Columbian society’s decline:

4. DNA study links indigenous Brazilians to Polynesians:

5. Study debunks lead poisoning theory in Franklin mystery:

6. Gaul burial site: French archaeologists unearth warrior remains at 2,300-year-old cemetery (VIDEO):

7. Egypt: Archaeologists uncover world’s oldest port, hieroglyphic papyri:

8. Sea of Galilee: Archaeologists discover ancient monument:,0,2957527.story?track=rss

9. Isles of Scilly shipwreck site could be lost ship of Sir Walter Raleigh:

10. Beachcombers give Gov. Tom McCall a belated birthday gift during beach cleanup:

11. The Poole Iron Age logboat project:

12. ‘Titanic violin’ sparks heated debate:

13. Hunt is on for War of 1812 ship in Charleston Harbor:

14. Shipwreck, Neillsville hotel placed on register of historic places [Wisconsin]:

15. Low water levels expose new shipwrecks in Grand Haven [Michigan]:

16. June expedition may determine if shipwreck is long-lost Griffon:

17. Fishing, shipwrecks and five families: the stories of Havera:

18. Anthropology Students Selected for National Internship Program:

19. BBC start work on Moby Dick film The Whale, but there’s no Ahab in sight:

20. Transatlantic trade’s souls remembered:

21. Did ‘malefic period’ cause the disaster?

22. Arnold & Porter sinks suit over sunken Spanish treasure [commercial salvage]:

23. Treasure hunters battle over a trove of emeralds [commercial salvage]:


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