Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Photo Contest and People’s Choice Award competition!

We invite all SHA members to participate, not just conference attendees! Browse each of the images and select one from each category as your favorite.

We have 19 amazing photo entries and 2 great videos! Scroll down to see them all!

The People’s Choice Award and all of the contest winners will be announced during the conference.

Voting runs through Thursday, 5 pm January 7.

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Category A: Color Archaeological Site


Who said Virginia doesn't have big skies? Pausing to appreciate the sky in a Phase I project, Northern Virginia - 3rd Place (Katie Boyle)
97 Votes
Excavations at Toddsbury - 1st Place & People's Choice (Ashley Bassetti McCuiston sponsored by Crystal O'Connor on behalf of The Council of Virginia Archaeologists)
131 Votes
Excavations at Monticello with Charlottesville in view - 2nd Place (Will Dillon sponsored by Crystal O'Connor)
33 Votes
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Category B: Color Archaeological Field Work

An 18th century water cellar was uncovered during the construction of the Government of Suriname's parliament building. Surinamese archaeologists Sushmeeta Ganesh and Jovan Ranalfo Samson recorded 65 bricks on the inner wall after the excavator had already destroyed parts of the southeast wall. (Jovan Ranalfo Samson sponsored by Cheryl White)
17 Votes
After an 18th century water well was uncovered, Surinamese archaeologist Jovan Ranalfo Samson did a thorough recording. (Susmeeta Ganesh, sponsored by Cheryl White)
22 Votes
An excavator working right next to an 18th century artisanal water well shows the immediate threat to the historical feature. (Jovan Ranalfo Samson sponsored by Cheryl White)
4 Votes
An archaeological recovery project at the future location of the Government of Suriname's parliment building unearthed an 18th century artisanal water well. (Jovan Ranalfo Samson sponsored by Cheryl White)
1 Votes
JB reflected in the water after excavating a previously unknown barrel well - 2nd Place (Sherry Svekis)
54 Votes
Teaching Flinders maritime archaeology students underwater photogrammetry at Noarlunga Reef, Adelaide - 3rd Place (John McCarthy)
40 Votes
Measure for Measure: Coffee, pull tapes, receivers, and shovels make the world go 'round - 1st Place & People's Choice (Katie Boyle)
72 Votes
Bird's Eye of Indian Peter Quarter Excavations, Fones Cliffs, Rappahannock River - (Scott Strickland)
47 Votes
A Perfect Day for Fieldwork: MDOT SHA Excavations at the South Mountain Battlefield, Maryland (Kerry Gonzalez)
11 Votes
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Category C: Color Archaeological Lab Work

Worked Table Glass from an 18th Century Rappahannock Indian Site - 1st Place & People's Choice (Catherine Dye and R. Bissett)
145 Votes
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Category D: Color Artifact

This ceramic doll, named Popchi Globo, was collected during an archaeological field school at Jodensavanne, Suriname, South America and was manufactured in Curacao between 1896 and 1920. - 1st Place & People's Choice (Sushmeeta Ganesh sponsored by Cheryl White)
78 Votes
Rattus sp. Skeletal Elements, Unity Court Tenement Cistern - 2nd Place (Liz Quinlan)
58 Votes
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Category E: Black & White Artifact

Screenhenge - 1st Place & People's Choice (Katie Boyle)
152 Votes
Eggshell, Dorchester Industrial School for Girls Privy - 2nd Place (Liz Quinlan)
47 Votes
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Category F: Color Archaeological Portrait

Submerged Prehistoric Investigations along the Suwannee River, Florida - 1st Place & People's Choice (Hunter Whitehead)
100 Votes
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Category G: Diversity

No contestants to display


Category H: Artist Perspective

The Lost Art of Archaeological Illustration - 1st Place & People's Choice (Brandon Herrmann)
105 Votes
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Category I: Video

Scroll down to see the video link

How to Clean a Headstone: Step-by-step instructions for cleaning a headstone! Learn the supplies you’ll need and the basic techniques for removing biological growth from historic monuments. Video shot on location at San Sebastian Cemetery in St. Augustine, Florida. 1st Place & People's Choice (Emily Jane Murray)
88 Votes
Archaeology Arcade: Highlights from the Archives Join Florida Public Archaeology Network staff and special guest archaeologist "players" as we explore video games that feature history, archaeology, museums, and/or artifacts in their gameplay! This online program is one way we’ve tried to creatively navigate programming around COVID-19. The video submission features both funny and serious highlights from episodes during 2020. As everyone else, we’re looking forward to what 2021 will bring! - 2nd Place (Mike Thomin)
39 Votes
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