What Can I Do?

Think Globally - Act Locally

Lecture at riversideIndividuals from all walks of life can help preserve our archaeological heritage through several vitally important actions.

  • Support organizations that study and protect heritage resources including museums, universities, parks, and government agencies.
  • Support legislation and funding for the preservation and management of archaeological sites and the enforcement of antiquities laws.
  • Do not engage in the sale or purchase of artifacts.
  • Make sure that an organization you choose to support is conducting real archaeological work, not profit-oriented treasure salvage.
  • As divers and visitors to the underwater world, take only pictures and leave only bubbles.
  • Do not disturb or remove artifacts from sites. Even the taking of small “harmless” souvenirs such as potsherds, ballast stones, and nails will eventually leave a site barren of both scientific information and recreational interest.