Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Special thanks to Ross Anderson, Susan Langley, and Alexandre Monteiro for sending in news items. Best, Wendy

1. The survivor’s guide to practicum: One man’s journey to maritime fieldwork enlightenment [Flinders University student Dennis Wilson]:

2. Scheepswrak Flevoland werpt nieuw licht op de 80-jarige oorlog [in Dutch, for those interested…Google translate?]:

3. Ancient, moss-covered canoe found in Alaska forest:

4. Invasion of the Viking women unearthed:

5. Uncovering the ‘good ship’ “Warwick”:

6. ‘World’s oldest’ wreck found in Swedish Baltic [some exaggeration here]:

7. Erster Unterwasserpark in Schweden: Wrack frei für Taucher:,1518,774227,00.html

8. ‘Original’ shores of Black Sea found close to the Cape of Emine:

9. Bath’s Roman Baths algae could fuel cars (questionable & little off topic):

10. Ethiopian lake sediments reveal history of African droughts:

11. Bringing the U.S. sailors home from Libya:

12. A bridge to the past: Site not only location of second Fort Richmond, but possibly the first:

13. Explorers find well-preserved 1853 schooner sitting upright at the bottom of Lake Ontario:–shipwreck-hunters-find-150-year-old-schooner-in-lake-ontario?bn=1–shipwreck-discovered

14. Group funds Lake Ontario shipwreck survey:

15. High school student calls shipwreck-finding adventure ‘The best experience I’ve had’:

16. Major shipwreck survey off coast underway [Maryland]:

17. Long-lost shipwrecks discovered in Lake Huron:

18. Search for the “Scorpion”: A documentary update:

19. Oldest US ferry to be closed in Connecticut budget cuts:,0,43014.story

20. Diving into history [not commercial, but navy salvage]:

21. Website Archeologia subacquea:

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