Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thanks to John Broadwater, Susan Langly, and Adam Wolfe for sending news items.

1. Canadian team finds 19th Century HMS “Investigator” wreck:

2. Un tesoro de marfil bajo el mar [Bajo de la Campana project in Spain]:

3. Chinese search for Ming shipwreck off Kenyan coast:

4. Continued Afro-Chinese history manipulation:

5. Call for funds to house Guernsey’s Roman wreck Asterix:

6. Search for the USS “Scorpion”:

7. Workmen may have accidentally cut World Trade Center boat in half:,0,4278324.story?track=rss

8. A brigantine beneath Washington Street:

9. Maryland lab to conserve World Trade Center ship remains:

10. Scientists hope to ‘virtually’ raise the “Titanic”:

11. Sonar scanners find ancient wrecks off Italian Coast:

12. Smithsonian and Singapore organize world tour of Tang shipwreck treasure:

13. Mystery R.I. shipwreck spawns theories:

14. Hero cats received medals for bravery in World War Two [yes, this is shipwreck related…sort of]:

15. Underwater Cultural Heritage & UNESCO in New Orleans:

16. Shipwreck hunters take on project to find plane wreckage [commercial salvage]:

17. Treasure hunters won in court to harvest Spanish wealth [commercial salvage]:

Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde