Monday, September16, 2013

Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling this week’s news and to Alex Berry, Ole Varmer, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1)   Sri Lanka archaeology claims finding Sinhala Prakrit in Delft.

2)  Underwater survey in Tamil Nadu to verify Ptolemy’s account.

3)  The shell beads that reveal early modern humans arrived in the Middle East some 42,000 years ago.

4) Archaeologists recover ancient boat near Great Pyramid in Egypt.

5) Ancient rivers cut migration routes through Sahara

6) Vikings really just a bunch of Norse guys.

7) Launch of maritime security handbook: coping with piracy by the Nautical Institute.

8) Second circuit holds that New York Owns title to shipwreck.

9)  Offshore ceremony honours crew of the Wexford shipwreck.

10) Waterfront work halted after midden discovery.

11)  Dry spell reveals ancient fortifications.

12)  Modern humans arrived in Europe and the Middle East at the same time, study suggests.

13)  Search for long-lost World War II dead heats up in Italy.

14)  Shifting sands expose more of Shields shipwreck.

15) WWII shipwrecks stripped.

16) Plymouth divers research shipwreck database.

17) New discoveries from the Whydah shipwreck.

18)  Dive signals more treasure at U.S. pirate shipwreck.

19) Divers find unexpected treasures among coins in shipwreck off Dominican Republic [commercial salvage].


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University