Monday, September 5, 2011

Special thanks to Dan Davis, Brad Duncan, Ania Legra, Alexandre Monteiro, and Adam Wolfe  forsending in news items.

1. Wreck exposed by Cyclone Yasi identified [“Belle”]:

2. HMAS “Australia” shipwreck report now available Online:

3. National library acquires rare “Batavia” book:

4. Lights, Cameras… Artefact!

5. Capturing shadows–Inking a site plan for publication:

6. Who is your daddy?

7. Caribbean pirate life: Tobacco, ale … and fine pottery [Texas A&M’s Heather Hatch]:

8. Shipwrecks finds of this summer’s survey by Bob Ballard [check out the videos]:

9. The far side of the world [Novy Svet Survey, Crimea, Ukraine]:

10. Saginaw high school students find 2 Lake Huron shipwrecks:

11. Getting Lost: Lost in the Odyssey:

12. Conditions in Nelson’s navy uncovered by scientists:

13. Divers survey Scottish graveyard of first world war submarine disaster:

14. WW2 Shipwrecks: Monitors of climate change:

15. Sir Richard Branson urges public to save Dornier Do-17 found by RAF Museum off Kent coast:

16. Survival at sea: Veteran recounts WWII shipwreck:

17. The wreck that revealed the “Mary Rose”:

18. York expert to examine “Lusitania” finds:

19. Ireland’s top wreck diving sites:

20. Volcanic artifacts imply ice-age mariners in prehistoric Greece:

21. Civil War: A little known story of the Cape Canaveral lighthouse:

22. Black reefs–When the ship hits the reef:

23. The 1564 Swedish warship “Mars” found:

24. Gallery: Beached boats and shipwrecks no coastal strangers:

25. Cuba, an underwater archeological paradise:

26. Arctic wreck yields treasure trove of artifacts [HMS “Investigator” artefacts]:

27. Archaeologists out of luck on latest quest to unearth famed Arctic shipwreck:

28. Gov’t team examines impact from ship grounded in marine park:

29. Way Out West [shipwreck “Caesar”]:

30. Blackbeard’s ship confirmed off North Carolina [more on]:

31. Showcase of treasure from 13 shipwrecks [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

32. Don’t forget: Talk like a pirate day, 19 September 2011:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Flinders University