Monday, September 30, 2013

Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling this week’s news and to Jamie Davies, Susan Langley, Sunny Ngirmang, Ulrica Söderlind, Andrew Wilkinson and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1)     AIMA Conference: Towards ratification – Australia’s underwater cultural heritage.

2)    Marine archaeologists visit Gladstone to help protect wreck.

3)    Shipwreck significance: past, present and future.

4)    Dugout canoe discovered in Florida.

5)    Beachcomber finds oldest message in a bottle … but won’t open it?

6)    South end shipwrecks.

7)    Archaeological mystery on the shore of James Bay.

8)    Largest historical D-Day mapping expedition completed.

9)    Maritime history: Red Star Line steamers take huddled masses to America.

10) NAS conference.

11)  Monmouth’s Bronze Age boat builders.

12) Crete’s Long-Lived City of Eleutherna.

13) Flag Fen Bronze Age boats older than was first thought.

14) Easter Island diet consisted of rats but not seafood, new study shows.

15) Palau underwater archaeology training.

16) Yellow brick road to lead divers to shipwrecked pirate treasure.

17) Odyssey Marine Exploration receives court issued order on Black Swan legal fees.

18) Sunken treasure potentially worth billions now within grasp of tech-savvy undersea explorers.


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University