Monday, September 26, 2011

Two weeks worth of nautical news. Special thanks to Denise Kuijlaars, Susan Langley, Alexandre Monteiro, Mark Staniforth, Hanna Steyne, and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items.

1. Podcasts on maritime archaeology at LaTrobe University website:

2. ‘Missing’ D-Day shipwreck LCT 427 found in Solent:

3. BOATLIFT, An untold tale of 9/11 resilience:

4. “Titanic” necklace stolen from Denmark exhibition:

5. Interesting Dutch initiative in magazine “Duiken”: Stop de Sloop! [Diving: Stop the Demolition…against copper thieves breaking up shipwrecks]:

6. Dig reveals human skulls mounted on stakes:

7. A major surveying project for Ostia:

8. New discoveries about the WTC shipwreck:

9. Tree rings reveal history of forest fires:

10. Stanford researcher turns to Roman art for marine conservation:

11. Franklin expedition: Will we ever know what happened?

12. St. John’s researchers studying Basque bones:

13. Neanderthal man lived on seafood far earlier than previously thought:

14. Premodern China and the Maritime World: Current development in underwater archaeology of China:

15. Underwater training facility for Chanthaburi:–30165279.html

16. “Underwater Archaeology”:

17. Free entry for all at Iziko on Heritage Day [South Africa]:

18. London Gateway deep water dredging to uncover secrets of River Thames:

19. Discovery of English shipwreck at the mouth of the Thames:

20. New survey reveals WWI sub’ wrecks:

21. Operation Gooseberry surveyed and mapped:

22. Up to $20,000 in scholarships and grants offered by Women Divers Hall of Fame

23. Intro to LiDAR for Hydrological Studies:

24. Michael Brennan: ‘The Promise of Discovery’ at sea on the “Nautilus”:

25. Mystery boat discovered in Lake Monroe:

26. Israeli lifeguard rescues sunken treasure:

27. Uncovering shipwrecks: Students help discover 16th-century warship:

28. Excavation of islands around Britain to establish origins of neolithic period:

29. Uncovering shipwrecks: Students help discover 16th-century warship:

30. Emperor’s new home [Mensun Bound]:

31. Appeals Court rules for Spain in shipwreck case:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University