Monday, September 20, 2010

Special thanks to Sean McMahon for sending in news items.

1. Australian Aborigines ‘world’s first astronomers’:

2. Dive right into Gallipoli history:

3. Changing tides uncovers the past:

4. Maritime museum plan runs aground, threatening nation’s oldest known ship :

5. Ancient port near Hambantota had Dravidian name mixed with Prakrit:

6. Aegean’s underwater beauties to be shown to world:

7. Southern Turkish exhibition brings “Ertuğrul” ship secrets to light:

8. Ancient medical kit held veggie pills: A Roman ship that wrecked nearly 2,000 years ago contained a chest stocked with surgical tools and green pills:

9. Pavlopetri, ‘the city beneath the waves’ to surface in BBC Two documentary:

10. King Tut masters bring Real Pirates (ship included) to Houston Museum of Natural Science:

11. US Navy searches for John Paul Jones ship‎:

12. Philly’s most wanted woman: Cleopatra:

13. Search for Lake Michigan shipwreck moves forward: Laingsburg firm to dig for 17th-century relic:

14. Underwater cameras in Port Huron reveal hidden mysteries:

15. Shipwreck discovery could be one of five [Lighthouse Beach, Ballina]:

16. Wind, waves leave mark on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula:

17. Expedition bids farewell to “Titanic”:

18. “Titanic” expedition back at sea and scanning wreckage:

19. Fate of War of 1812 shipwreck playing out in U.S. court:

20. Russia finds last-days log of famed 1912 Arctic expedition:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde