Monday, September 13, 2010

Special thanks to Andy Dodd and Brian Jordan for sending in news items.

1. Taranaki shipwrecks receive NZ Historic Places Trust registration:

2. Ancient DNA reveals ingredients of Roman medicine [from 140 BC shipwreck]:

3. BP well threatens ancient Libyan sites:

4. Hale explores the Athenian voyage to democracy. ‘Lords of the Sea’ by John R. Hale:

5. shipwrecks reveal shift to modern shipbuilding. Remains of three craft found in Mediterranean provide insights:

6. Moscow [and Finland] lays claim to 18th century shipwreck treasures [“Vrouw Maria”]:

7. New Forest National Park Authority reveals what lies beneath the waves:

8. Dornier bomber to be restored by the Royal Air Force Museum:

9. Navy launches 5th trip to find John Paul Jones’ ship:

10. Skeleton of 18th century whale found in London:

11. Solent underwater trail charts wrecks and history:

12. Remains of Lake Michigan shipwreck in limbo:

13. “Titanic” quest turns to new territory:

14. Wreck of ‘protected’ Royal Navy sub plundered by thieves who dived down 90ft to reach it:

15. Egyptian papyrus found in ancient Irish bog:

16. WTC ship gives up lucky coin:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde