Monday, October 4, 2010

Special thanks to Ole Varmer for sending in news items.

1. “Titanic” 100th cruises spark buzz, debate:

2. Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?

3. Work starts on maritime museum [Port MacDonnell, South Australia]:

4. VOC schatten terug naar Australie [in Dutch: Netherlands Goverment to return Dutch East India Company shipwreck artifacts to Australia]:

5. Box found in Arctic has no Franklin, Amundsen items:

6. Giant worms and rum: records reveal 19th century life at sea:

7. Latin America countries unite in favor of submerged heritage:

8. Shipwreck museum opens in the Dominican Republic:

9. Shipwrecks reveal shift to modern shipbuilding: Remains of three craft found in Mediterranean provide insights:

10. Museum place for Langstone logboat:

11. Oldest known ship in Estonia to travel to Tallinn:

12. Underwater archaeology chronicles moments in time:

13. NCIS mulls probe into vandalism of sunken U.S. warship off Okinawa:

14. Ancient canal builders in America:

15. ECU students explore, document shipwrecks:

16. Lake Erie shipwrecks, well-preserved by fresh water, are favorites among divers:

17. The sinking of H.M.S. “Schooner the Speedy”:

18. Going where no underwater robot has gone before:

19. Sedwick auction to feature shipwreck treasure, gold cobs and world coins [commercial salvage]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde