Monday, October 10, 2011

Two weeks worth of nautical news. Special thanks to Mark Dixon, Maddy Fowler, Susan Langley, Mark Polzer, Jason Raupp, and Adam Wolfe, for sending in news items.

1. Australia to host the international congress on underwater archaeology (IKUWA 6) in 2016:!/pages/Ikuwa-6Perth-2016/120970778007811

2. Aboriginal Stonehenge: Stargazing in ancient Australia [radio]:

3. Aboriginal Australians were the first explorers: Genome study rewrites the history books:

4. UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage [On the Australian “Take the Plunge” initiative, radio interview in Dutch]:


5. “Batavia” shipwreck exhibition in the Netherlands [in Dutch]:

6. Decline and recovery of coral reefs linked to 700 years of human and environmental activity:

7. BlueView to develop the first full ocean depth multibeam imaging sonar:

8. Finding clues as to how early man adapted to marine environments:

9. Sunken ship yields silver booty, but should we let sleeping wrecks lie [by Mark Staniforth]:

10. Zadar hosts world congress on underwater archaeology [IKUWA 4]:

11. Premodern China and the Maritime World: Current Development in Underwater Archaeology of China:

12. International Scientific Colloquium on the factors impacting underwater cultural heritage in Brussels [13-14 December 2011]:

13. How psychology solved a WWII shipwreck mystery:

14. Roman shipyard found by British archaeologists [Portus]:

15. Zea Harbour Project [website update]:

16. Arqueologia subaquática de regresso a São Julião da Barra:

17. Keys-based nonprofit seeks out ancient Mediterranean shipwrecks:

18. Egypt’s ancient fleet: Lost for thousands of years, discovered in a desolate cave [old news?]:

19. Pavlopetri: A window on to Bronze Age suburban life [port city]:

20. Intact 5th century merchant ship found in Istanbul:

21. Russia offers Azerbaijan to jointly conduct underwater archaeological work in Caspian Sea:

22. Canadian archaeologists dig up 400-year-old Basque bones:

23. Ancient Swedish fishers put human heads on stakes [for ‘display’ purposes]:

24. The Vale of York Viking hoard has returned to the area it was found:

25. Sagas of Icelanders: one of the great riddles of literary history:

26. Steamboat conference to dock at Louisville’s Filson Club:

27. Expedition starts at NC site of Blackbeard’s ship [“Queen Anne’s Revenge” again]:

28. Underwater footage of 1859 Royal Charter shipwreck:

29. The tale of the Jefferson Davis, sunk off St. Augustine:

30. Assistant classiscal archaeology professor Dan Davis to teach new J-term class:

31. Wreck bearing silver found off coast [commercial salvage: Odyssey Marine]:

32. Deep sea treasure hunters have found the SS “Gairsoppa”, torpedoed by a German U-boat 70 years ago [commercial salvage: Odyssey Marine]:

33. Discovery of English shipwreck at the mouth of the Thames [commercial salvage: Odyssey Marine]:

34. Odyssey case: American court confirms underwater treasure belongs to Spain [commercial salvage: Odyssey Marine]:

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