Monday, November 8, 2010

Special thanks to Ross Anderson and Ralph Pedersen for sending in news items.

1. Shipwreck finder gets honorary Order of Australia Medal [David Mearns]:

2. “That Deadman Dance” by Kim Scott (Oct 2010):

3. Rare Champagne on Aussie menu [Commercial salvage: Melbourne restaurant “Number 8”]:

4. Treasure hunting to be banned in Nova Scotia waters:

5. What marine archaeology in Nova Scotia needs:

6. Klondike shipwreck brought to life with 3D scans:

7. Monterey excavation reveals Chinese fishing village :

8. Archaeologists find relics of triangle trade beneath Faneuil Hall [Boston, USA]:

9. Mystery, debate still surrounds sinking of “Edmund Fitzgerald”:

10. Fascinating CT scans of a 300-year-old pocket watch:

11. Fossils of extinct bear species found in Mexico [aquatic archaeology]:

12. Salvaging history [on underwater archaeology in India]:

13. Yenikapi dig to postpone opening of Istanbul Marmaray, academic says:

14. A mathematician, an archaeologist and a zoologist walk into a comedy club [Joe Flatman]:

15. Bridges that babble on: 15 amazing Roman aqueducts:

16. Canadian woman hit with securities sanctions [for salvage First and Second World War shipwrecks without the proper licensing]:

17. Odyssey Marine Exploration reports continued growth in revenues for Third Quarter 2010 [commercial salvage]:

18. Odyssey Marine Exploration granted hearing by the 11th circuit court of appeals [commercial salvage]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde