Monday, November 29, 2010

Special thanks to Ross Anderson and Luka Bekic for sending in news items.

1. Mysteries of the deep revealed [NSW, National Marine Science Centre]:

2. 1860s grindstone found near Orepuki [New Zealand, possibly from a shipwreck]:

3. Disaster(s) of the Aral sea part 1: shipwrecks around Muynak:

4. Abandoned Catalina seaplane: 50 years between the sea and the desert:

5. Dead Sea drilling to unearth scientific treasures:

6. Remains of 400-year-old ship found beneath quay ice in middle of Stockholm:–naval-mystery-uncovered-near-former-shipyard-in-stockholm

7. Viking silver in Arctic Norway:

8. Fine figurehead on display at the Merseyside Maritime Museum’s Art and the Sea gallery :

9. Divers’ D-Day shipwreck find earns award :

10. Archaeology under threat in UK [including maritime]:

11. Pens from “Mary Rose” wreck site sold for museum funds:

12. IKUWA 4: managing the underwater cultural heritage [29 September – 2 October 2011, Zadar Croatia]:

13. Ancient astronomy: mechanical inspiration [Antikythera mechanism]:

14. Excavation works on ancient shipwreck off Nea Styra :

15. The sailing ship in Ancient Egypt:

16. Cruise to Egypt’s Lake Nasser visits ancient monuments that escaped being submerged:

17. Canadians closing in on lost wreckage of HMS “Terror”:

18. Maritime museum exhibit anything but washed up. “Flotsam and Jetsam” makes something out of “nothing” [Cape Cod Maritime Museum, Massachusetts]:

19. Timbers from ship, lost off Cape Cod 83 years ago, spotted on Nauset Beach [[schooner “Montclair”, Boston, US]:

20. Storms uncovers (another) shipwreck on Nauset [“Sparrowhawk”]:

21. Village of Lake George [New York], “Bateaux Below” team up to create underwater historic parks:

See also:

22. Art museums most popular [maritime museum are the least popular, not too clear on the specifics]:

23. China moves to protect underwater relics:

24. Chinese Archaeological Experts due in Kenya for Excavation:

25. Yuan dynasty valuable vase found in sunken ship in Shandong:

26. Chinese porcelain recovered from sea bed on sale:

27. Treasure hunters pursue U.S. investors seeking golden adventures:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde