Monday, November 25, 2013

Two weeks of nautical news. Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling the news and to Peter Bell, Toni Carrell, Leigh Gilchrist, Valerie Grussing, Denise Kuijlaars, Susan Langley, Toni Massey, Anya Murphy, Paul Johnston, Thijs Maarleveld, Victor Mastone, Jane Mitchell, Della Scott-Ireton, Shirley Strachan, Ulrica Söderlind, David Steinberg, Andrew Wilkinson, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1) AIMA now has a Facebook page!

2) Shipwreck search underway off Queensland coast [Australia].

3) Divers pay tribute to HMAS Goorangai: tragic guardian of the bay [Australia].

4) Historians attempt to find WWI’s first shot deep in Australian waters.

5) The mysterious sunken ruins of Nan Madol [Micronesia].

6) Nazi U-boat wreckage discovered off coast of Indonesia complete with skeletons of lost crew.

7) Government mulls making shipwreck sites off limits [Borneo].

8) Underwater excavation planned [Bahrain].

9) First Africa regional meeting on Underwater Cultural Heritage held in Nigeria.

10) The Oranjemund shipwreck [Namibia].

11) Slave ship still eludes dogged scientists [South Africa].

12) Dickson makes case for protection of underwater cultural heritage [Nigeria].

13) A fine line: a non-artist’s perspective of archaeological drawing.

14) Treasures from sunken HMS Investigator offer glimpse into past [Canada].

15) Huge bunker clean-up operation off Canada coast.

16) Great Lakes have sunk 6,000 different ships.

17) Piece of Civil War shipwreck retrieved from Savannah River [US].

18) Print your own Revolutionary War boat, in 3-D.

19) NOAA final tribal consultation handbook.

20) U-Boat wreck off Rhode Island coast a dark reminder of WWII.

21) Archaeologists recover artifacts from Gulf of Mexico shipwreck.

22) Salisbury shipwreck site to be marked [US].

23) Galveston audience sees first composite photos of two historic shipwrecks [US].

24) White Hurricane remembered as deadliest storm in Great Lakes history.

25) OpenROV wants to get to bottom of underwater mystery [US].

26) Fox River shipwreck removal starts [US].

27) Lake Michigan shipwreck preservation: Romance! History! Bad Luck!

28) How to: discover a shipwreck on northern Michigan shorelines [US].

29) Port Royal: fortified heritage [Jamaica].

30) 5,000-year-old wooden boat used by the pharaohs is discovered by French archaeologists.

31) The truth about the Greenwich pensioners: new source shines light on sailors’ lives [UK].

32) Fierce storms uncover mystery shipwreck at Bamburgh Castle [UK].

33) Treasure trove of artefacts recovered from the site of the first ever ancient naval battle to be discovered.

34) Vaulted corridors discovered at Turkey’s metropolis.

35) El Hanieh ancient anchorage.

36) Underwater exploration [Grenada].

37) Dubrovnik welcomes exhibit of Piri Reis due to 500th year [Turkey].

38) The documentation of reproducing the Vasa bronze cannon.

39) Underwater explorer announces French confirmation of shipwreck.

40) Ships saved Allied lives [Greece].

41) Mega-cruise ships looming over historic harbors spark debate.

42) Studies provide no certainty in shipwreck search.

43) Blackbeard’s cannons among pirate booty raised by US archaeologists on treasure hunt

44) Palestine & UNESCO: The national duty to protect cultural heritage.

45) Treasure hunters, GME, seek funds for deep water salvage.

46) Costa Concordia wreck: British man arrested.

47) ‘Gold makes people crazy:’ modern treasure hunters risk lives and fortunes in obsessive search for sunken riches.

48) Shipwreck photograph archive sells for £122,500 in Sotheby’s auction.

49) Analysis: gold price fall fails to dull bullion’s allure for treasure hunters.

50) Mexican fisherman who lost treasure faces eviction.

51) Titanic amount of treasure still undiscovered off South Florida.,0,576122.story

52) Buried treasure: shrimp boat find is latest in long history of Northeast Florida shipwreck discoveries [US].

53) Shipwreck wine draws buyers at auction [UK].

54) Thirty seven million dollars in silver found in World War II ship [UK].

55) Sea hunter’s claims challenged [US].

56) Monty Halls on the dangerous dives he undertook to try and solve the world’s most baffling underwater mysteries for a new TV series.

57) A short seller calls for-profit treasure hunter a sinking ship.

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