Monday, November 11, 2013

Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling this week’s news Kurt Bennett, Nicolas Bigourdan, Jose Luis Casaban, Kim Faulk, Paul Johnston, Victor Mastone, Anya Murphy, Ania Legrá, Richard Pauley, Ulrica Söderlind, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1)  AIMA scholarship 2013 winners!

2)    Maritime archaeologist, you say? You just strap on a tank and mask don’t you?

3)  Shipwreck recovery will be part of Fox River dredging operation.

4) Shipwreck in river was used as a dock [Fayetteville]

5)  100 years ago, deadliest Great Lakes storm was at its peak.

6)  After 100 years, search goes on for 2 sunken ships [Great Lakes]:

7) Great Lakes Aquarium breaks ground on a new exhibit.–231063771.html

8)  New dates for Alaska’s fluted spear points raise questions.

9) Ancient naval battle site ‘rammed’ with relics of war.

10) University expert dives deep in quest for relics of ancient battle.

11)  La France est-elle au fond de la rade?

12) Viking graves yield grisly find: sacrificed slaves.

13) Shipwrecks off the coast of Ireland.

14)  Did Bamburgh shipwreck inspire first coastguards?

15) Community worried about intervention in Convoys Wharf [London] development.

16)  Got silk? Vikings’ refined tastes show vast reach of ancient trade routes.

17) U-Boat wreck off Rhode Island coast a dark reminder of WWII.

18) High Court judge ruling on contentious Longboat Café scheme due next week [UK].

19) Unravelling the social hierarchy within Viking society.

20) Surveying the Roman port network.

21)  5 Maritime disasters you might not know about.

22)   The men who chased shipwrecks.

23) Beijing’s ‘Forbidden City’ built using ice roads, ancient documents reveal.

24) The Latin American and Caribbean Region seeks to protect its underwater cultural heritage in Lima (Peru).

25)  Odyssey Marine Exploration may be in trouble.

26)  Griffin exploration findings to be revealed.

27)  Treasure hunters, GME, seek funds for deepwater salvage.

28) Proposal to salvage cannons from sea at Cabo de Rama Fort.

29) Frozen in time: divers recover stunning collection of British treasure from the wreck of a 500-year-old galleon sunk in Caribbean.

30) A short seller calls for-profit treasure hunter a sinking ship.

31) Odyssey Marine Exploration sees strong financial finish for 2013.


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