Monday, May 28, 2012

Please, find below this week’s nautical news. Special thanks to Filipe Castro, Susan Langley, Michael McCarthy, and Mark Polzer for sending in news items.

1. It is out! Ab Hoving’s work on “Nicolaes Witsen and Shipbuilding in the Dutch Golden Age”:,6723.aspx

2. The Flinders Archaeology Blog: One year on [look at the top blog posts]:

3. Old salt laments Port Adelaide’s lost maritime atmosphere:

4. Where the world’s ships go to die:

5. Warning over deep-ocean stowaways:

6. Dogs, booze and bling: Northern Ireland’s medieval shopping mall:

7. Coconuts in Schull shipwreck:

8. “Vrouw Maria” installation:

9. U.S. Navy exploring Curtiss SB2C Helldiver WWII wreckage found off coast of Jupiter [featuring Heather Brown]:

10. [More on]: Messages from the past:

11. [More on] All hands on deck for shipwreck survey [Queensland]:

12. Lichten en conserveren van een hoekman:

13. Seminar to unearth shipwreck secrets [Florida]:

14. Notícias: Encontro Arqueólogos e Arqueologia do Mar [2 June]:

15. [more on] Shipwreck in Solent is Flower of Ugie boat:

16. [More on] Elizabethan wreck for Stoney:

17. [More on] 200-year-old Shipwreck found in Gulf of Mexico:

18. China to restart salvage of sunken ship:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
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