Monday, May 21, 2012

A myriad of updates!  Special thanks to George Fischer, Jeremy Green, Susan Langley, and Mark Polzer for sending in news items.

1. Back to bed for “Clarence”:

2. ‘Funky’ shipwreck fuels international interest [“Clarence”]:

3. Sunken history: how to study and care for shipwrecks [“Clarence”]:

4. A step towards solving a maritime mystery [Kangaroo Island, SA]:

5. Early Dutch post restante in Indian Ocean:  (in Dutch) (in Dutch)

6. Bunbury wrecks remain buried in the sands:

7. Coins key to ship mystery [“Aagtekerke” search continues]:

8. Uncovering Queensland’s sunken treasures:,25756

9. Sulphur and iron compounds common in old shipwrecks:

10. The role of warships [feature on Bill Murray]:

11. 2,000-year-old stone anchor offers clues to Indo-Arab trade [great work by Sila Tripathi]:

12. Exhibition reveals maritime cultural heritage [Vietnam]:

13. Marco Polo did go to China, maybe:

14. Historic Russian sailing ship replica prepared for launch:

15. English pirates turning Turk:

16. Viking ships to stay berthed at Bygdøy:

17. Shipwrecks in Rhodes and Zakynthos being protected from natural decay:

18. Albert Falco, diver and ship captain for Jacques Cousteau, dies at 84

19. Bronze Age Facebook [with boats]:

20. Opgraving van vrachtschip uit de Tachtigjarige Oorlog hervat [in Dutch: Excavation merchant ship from 16th century continues]:

21. The tracing of the shrew: why Celtic DNA leads back to Africa:

22. Smuggled cargo found on ancient Roman ship:

23. French city Nantes confronts its brutal past:

24. Superior navigation secret to humans’ success?:

25. An ancient ship’s SOS [Kyrenia shipwreck]:

26. Thames shipwreck moved piece by piece 160 miles… to Leicestershire:

27. UK team to survey wreck of RFA tanker sunk by WWII German U-boat in St Helena:

28. Remembering the “M2” submarine disaster 80 years on:

29. Archaeologists identify mystery shipwreck[“Flower of Ugie”–1852]:

30. “Cutty Sark” rises again after £50m restoration:

31. “Cutty Sark”: Review of the restored tea clipper:

32. Shipwrecks: Merchant and pirate ships provide modern day fairy tales:

33. Cornish Bronze Age boat project:

34. Maiden voyage of Bronze Age boat founders:

35. Boat builders vow to set sail again in Dover Bronze Age Boat:

36. 200-year-old shipwreck found full of bottles, guns and plates [Gulf of Mexico]:

37. Pyrates claim state ‘booty’:

38. Shipwreck from War of 1812 to be Excavated [SS “Scorpion”]:

39. NOAA’s Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary shipwreck “Lamartine” listed on National Register of Historic Places:

40. Student finds bags of sunken treasure in Oakland’s Lake Merritt during school trash cleanup:

41. Military films sunken Franklin-era shipwreck:

42. Scientists may recreate beer from 1840’s shipwreck:

43. Remains of the CSS “Georgia” are in the way of waterway deepening:

44. Archaeologists accuse MoD of allowing US company to ‘plunder’ shipwreck

45. Treasure hunters have Supreme Court appeal dismissed:

46. Sea archaeologist critical of Odyssey project:

47. Chinese archaeologists to begin excavation in Kenya:

48. Underwater archaeologists searching for lost village:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University