Monday, March 28, 2011

Special thanks to  Denise Kuijlaars, Susan Langley, and Ole Varmer for sending in news items.

1. Scuttled ships could become heritage wrecks :

2. Lake Erie shipwreck needs rescuing: Ont. town:

3. Well Travelled Artifacts – tentoonstelling [more on ANCODS, in Dutch]:

4. Ship container ‘stepping stone’ risk for alien invaders:

5. Building more than just a boat:

6. Diving in Schleswig [Maritime Archaeology Programm University of Southern Denmark]:

7. Prehistoric Wales: lost lands of ancestors:

8. West fails in fresh World Heritage Status bids:

9. Royal Society of Edinburgh backs new research into Viking age Shetland:

10. History to dock at Tin City, Columbus’ “Nina” & “Pinta” replicas:

11. Scorpion Bay – Episode 8 “Sunken Ships”:

12. Marine stuit op onderzeeër uit Eerste Wereldoorlog [Dutch navy finds WWI submarine]:

13. Indiana Univ. underwater archaeology program gets $1 million grant from Eli Lilly foundation:–Indiana-University-Underwater-Archaeology/

14. Cannons thought to be Capt. Morgan’s:

15. New evidence of first humans in North America … in Texas:,0,7020652.story

16. Second excavation of sunken vessel ‘Nanhai No. 1’ begins:

17. Swallowed by the sea [the Atlantis nonsense continues…]:

18. Shipwreck salvors find antique gold chain [Commercial salvage: “Atocha”]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde