Monday, March 12, 2012

Special thanks to Enrique Aragon, Paul Johnston, Thijs Maarleveld, Mark Polzer, Susan Langley, Bob Sheppard, and Ole Varmer for sending in news items.

1. Public lecture in Adelaide by David Payne The Australian Register of Historic Vessels:!/pages/Flinders-University-Dept-of-Archaeology/210805928939275

2. Lynda Nutter: Ancient astronomical observatory left by Kublai Khan in Perth hills [silly season still on!]:

3. Life with sea’s feared killers [interview with Hugh Edwards, better known for his contribution to finding the “Batavia” shipwreck]:

4. Spanish ship with artifacts found in the Phillipines [sounds like a recipe for trouble]:

5. Feds set to designate USS “Slater” a national landmark:

6. Almost 150 years after it sank, “Monitor” still captivates:

7. More on “Monitor” and facial reconstructions of crew:–modern-science-could-identify-sailors-from-lost-ironclad.html

8. NOAA honors lost crew of USS “Monitor”:

9. Artifact recoveries on Civil War shipwreck in time for anniversary:

10. Sunken ships, native American loyalties explored at 1812 symposium:

11. ‘Digger’ trend worries the professionals:

12. Series of talks to explain fishing history in Cortez, Florida:

13. 1800s anchor recovered from Delaware River:

14. Full map of “Titanic”:

15. Famed USS “Enterprise” takes its final voyage:

16. Could the first humans to reach the Americas have come from Europe?

17. Making a boat fit for a king [more on the solar boat]:

18. How a ship full of fish helped recreate an ancient fish sauce:

19. Archaeology: Greece, Antikythera shipwreck on display:

20. Greece and Italy join forces to study marine antiquities:

21. Resurge el Cádiz de Ultramar:

22. İstanbul to celebrate its rich heritage with new artifacts:

23. Underwater exploration courses at University of Malta open to public:

24. Cannon and other artifacts from Blackbeard’s pirate ship will be on display:

25. Indonesian sunken treasure up for sale again [Cirebon]:

26. Dragons & lotus blossoms exhibition [commercial salvage]:


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology