Monday, June 27, 2011

Special thanks to Bob Conrich and Susan Langley for sending in news items.

1. Newport diver helps end maritime mystery [Peter Taylor]:

2. New book. Ships from the Depths: Deepwater Archaeology:

3. Egypt unearthing ancient boat found near pyramid. Excavation begins on 4,500-year-old wooden vessel buried next to pharaoh Khufu :

4. 9th century Viking skeletal remains found in Dublin: Ancient skulls and bones found near the Viking port of Lusk:

5. 18th-century ship cannons retrieved from bottom of Baltic Sea:

6. Wreck team toasts discovery of wine stash [“Mary Celestia”]:

7. Crusader town emerges under old Israeli port:

8. Yenikapı metro dig reveals fifth-century shipwreck:

9. INA’s Kizilburun project blog:

10. Canadian lake yields microscopic clues about submerged archaeological sites:

11. Workers rotate confederate sub upright for first time in almost 150 years [“Hunley”]:

12. Yellow submarine canvassing sunken piece of state history [SS “Governor”, 1921]:

13. Puget Sound shipwreck could help prevent oil spill [more on SS “Governore”]:

14. Trunk that survived 1635 shipwreck on display at Colonial Pemaquid :–Shipwreck-Trunk/

15. Documenting local ‘Shipwrecks’:

16. Team of archaeologists scour Escatawpa River floor for Moss Point’s town cannon:–Moss-Point-Cannon/

17. $500K Emerald ring discovered in 17th century shipwreck [commercial salvage]:

18. Odyssey Marine Exploration closes public offering of $16.8 million common stock [commercial salvage]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Flinders University