Monday, June 20, 2011

Please, find below two week’s worth of nautical news; apologies for the late circulation

1. Sweet relief as wreck find ends 76-year mystery [TSS “Coramba”]:

2. Archaeologists, biologists and the Pied Piper:

3. Futtocks, gunwales, catheads–OH MY!

4. Lecture by Michael McCarthy: Guano and pearls, steamships and suffragettes….

5. More deep dives reveal true identity of Bermagui shipwreck:

6. On the DNA front: Kon-Tiki explorer was partly right–Polynesians had South American roots:

7. Shaman whalers of ancient Kodiak Island:

8. Vikings forced out of Greenland by ‘cold climate that saw temperatures plunge by 4C in just 80 years’:

9. Hunt is on for shipwrecks from War of 1812:

10. Effort to tie North Carolina shipwreck to pirate Blackbeard advances:,0,957843.story

11. Blackbeard’s spirit lives on in North Carolina town of Beaufort:

12. Blackbeard’s terror tactics revealed in recovered ammo:

13. Artifacts to be recovered from historic shipwreck [“Marie Celestia”, Bermuda]:

14. Five students get chance to search for shipwrecks during “Project Shiphunt” with scientist who mapped “Titanic” [James Delgado]:

15. Closer to home. Efforts to repatriate the crew of the “Intrepid” accelerate with events in Libya:

16. ‘Mystery’ shipwreck artifacts will tell unwritten story about Civil War-era Mobile [Fort Morgan, USA]:

17. Traces of ancient aboriginals found in Ontario lake bottom :

18. Luther College names Dan Davis new classics professor [Congratulations, Dan]:

19. On the job with … Brennan Bajdek, archaeologist and carronade conservator:

20. “Nina”, Pinta sail into Maine:

21. Chris Wiggins and his team of archaeologist scour river floor for Moss Point’s town cannon:

22. Learning from underwater shipwrecks :

23. Under the sea off Maui … WWII reminders lie:—–WWII-reminders-lie.html?nav=10

24. Archive for 2011 Fieldschool Norway [Maritime Archaeology Programme at the University of Southern Denmark]:

25. Skeleton of 18th century whale found in London [Thames River]:

26. PMSS launches marine archaeological service :

27. Stanley Spencer painting sells for £5.4m [Honor Frost’s estate]:

28. Sotheby’s Three-Part Single-Owner Evill/Frost Sale Closes with Final Total of $69,343,051 [Honor Frost’s estate]:

29. RumRegatta. Flensburg 2011 [by Daniel Zwick]:

30. Port of Athens Was once an island, French-Greek team finds [so, Strabo was right!]:

31. The Sea Peoples, from cuneiform tablets to carbon dating:

32. Wreck suggests Romans shipped live fish:

33. The tale of a Roman vessel, for 22 centuries at Xlendi :

34. Shoring up Israel’s treasure-rich coastline:

35. Secrets of Egypt. Ship timbers:

36. Life under the sea [Chinese underwater archaeologist Liu Zhiyuan]:

37. Sea hunt for ancient Chinese ship off African coast [stil???]:

38. From shipwreck to charity: 200-year-old champagne:

39. Atlantis hunt: Third attempt [in Cyprus, that is]:

40. Shipwreck salvage company confirms Ming Dynasty porcelain find Off Indonesia coast worth millions [commercial salvage]:

41. Shipwreck diver plans mission to find Bin Laden body [commercial salvager planning bizarre salvage]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University