Monday, June 11, 2012

Special thanks to Rachel Popelka-Filcoff, Mark Polzer, Jennifer Rodrigues, and David Meadows’ Explorator for providing news items.

1. James Cook and the transit of Venus:

2. Gilt Dragon quest:

3. Treasure hunterish coverage of the search for a 19th century shipwreck near Auckland:

4. Archaeologists look for wrecks off Qatar coast:

5. Marine Archaeology: the conundrum:

6. ‘World’s oldest fishing tools’ in Swedish waters:

7. New secrets from ‘Bay of the Pirates’ warship that sunk 2,300 years ago

8. Jacksonport Wharf gets national distinction:

9. Shipwreck on Daniel Island causes city to change plans

10. Titanic Buffs, Researchers–Newspaper archive published:

11. The race and saga began at Bermuda:

12. Navy constructs Relics Observation Dais at Historic Buddhangala Hermitage:

13. Closing archeology lab against UN spirit: SMU prof (Artifacts from Grand Pré, L’Anse aux Meadows and Citadel Hill all bound for Ottawa):

14. Dr. Carl Halbirt to present new evidence of 1586 Drake’s Raid:

15. Estonian Maritime Museum Seaplane Harbor opens:

16. Shipwreck mystery surfaces:

17. This is how you excavate a 16th century shipwreck [in Dutch]:

18. La plus ancienne perle fine de l’histoire de l’humanité, vieille de 7.500 ans, identifiée [oldest pearl, in French]:

19. Portsmouth Historic dockyard appoints new chief executive:

20. Monumental effort to save the threatened Viking treasures of Oseberg:

21. 19th-century “Time Capsule” warship emerging near D.C.:

22. Mary Rose sailors ate diet of salt beef and biscuits, bone analysis shows:

23. The Seventh World Archaeological Congress, January 14-18, 2013, The Dead Sea–Jordan:

24. ‘Insights from innovation: new light on archaeological ceramics’ conference at University of Southampton, UK, on 19-20 October 2012

25. A battle of the wrecks: Would Deep Sea deep six Kalakala?

26. Divers plan to retrieve Chinese porcelain worth $43 million [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:,0,1004793.story

27. Shipwreck Champagne sells for $156,000, preserved for 170 years underwater [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

28. West Palm treasure hunter continues search for fabled gold Madonna statue [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

29. Does Alaska shipwreck hold millions in gold-rush riches? [commercial salvage, not archaeology]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University