Monday, July 25, 2011

Special thanks to Victor Mastone for sending in news item

1. Take the Plunge—Protect Australia’s [underwater cultural] Heritage:!/pages/Take-the-PlungeProtect-Australias-Heritage/106503246113620

2. One track, two tracks, three tracks, four? The rail on the Port MacDonnell Jetty:

3. Pearl Harbor skull may be Japanese pilot’s:–pearl-harbor-skull-may-be-japanese-pilot-s

4. Elixir: A Human History of Water by Brian Fagan:

5. Luther assistant professor Davis begins four-month expedition aboard the “Nautilus”:

6. Conservator tells how artifacts from Blackbeard shipwreck are handled:

7. Shipwreck discovered in Nantucket Sound:

8. Treasure trove of cultural relics found in ancient sunken ship:

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