Monday, July 22, 2013

Special thanks to George Bass, Susan Langley, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1. Flinders joins underwater archaeology network:

2. Month of Shipwrecks @ WA Museum, Fremantle [Australia]:

3. A pre-Cook caucasian (maybe) skull find in Australia is causing a rethink/kerfuffle [well, for the ignorant]:

4. Ghostly underwater art gallery breathes new life to sunken ship:

5. Recalling a dark secret of the slave trade, buried in the deep [Dutch ship Leusden in Netherlands National Maritime Museum]:

6. ‘Tardis’ diving chamber used by Reg Sprigg found in outback South Australia:

7. The Vietnam Maritime Archaeology Project Center:

8. 700-year-old shipwreck with thousands of relics found in Vietnam:

9. Fossilized elephant tusk found on seafloor [Sicily]:

10. Old Arabic texts describe dirty Vikings:

11. Ancient anchors from punic wars found off Sicily:

12. Sunken ships seen in ancient city of Tieion [Turkey]:

13. Clues from an ancient Viking trading centre [Norway]:

14. Riace Bronzes await to be housed in Magna Græcia [well, they came from the sea… Italy]:–disgrace–will-be–remedied-.html

15. Watch archaeologists explore a Gulf of Mexico shipwreck [USA]:

16. The Monterrey shipwreck: meet the team [USA]:

17. Civil war steamer found off South Carolina [USA]:

18. Rare letters from father of US Navy surface in South Carolina [USA]:

19. Divers try to identify wreck off Key Largo [USA]:

20. Onondaga Nation paddlers mark 400-year-old Iroquois-Dutch pact [USA]:

21. 50,000 year-old swamp discovered by scuba divers off Alabama’s coast:

22. Georgia’s rich maritime history largely unknown [USA]:

23. Work continues on QAR artifacts in Greenville [USA]:

24. United States’ oldest commercial vessel to be relaunched:

25. Public gets inside look at Civil War archaeology, artifacts [USA]:

26. Shipwrecks receive historic recognition: Two located off Northeast Wisconsin shores [USA]:

27. Maritime Museum in Kingston to host Hudson River Days [USA]:

28. Conception Harbour Wrecks Project, Newfoundland and Labrador [Canada]:

29. Divers to hunt for shipwrecks including Sir Walter Raleigh’s Flying Joan [UK]:

30. Divers plan to hunt for shipwrecks [UK]:

31. Divers to explore wreck which made Grace Darling famous [UK]:

32. Viking treasure found on outskirts of Rugby goes on display to public:

33. Water, water, everywhere:

36. Nicolle Hirschfeld: Nautical Archaeologist:

37. Clive Cussler celebrates 40 years of Dirk Pitt adventures:

38. Vladimir Putin explores shipwreck:

39. David Gibbins: The age of sail:

40. Treasure hunters find gold coin trove off Florida:

41. Treasure trove worth £20m discovered in British ship sunk by Nazis [Commercial salvage]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD

Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)